Famous Grouse Scotch Whisky

Famous Grouse - Ask the Edrington Group's master blender, John Ramsay, what makes his drams different and he immediately proposes marriage. In the whisky-making sense, of course. Marriage used to be normal practice for blenders: before bottling, malts and grains would be brought together for a period of mingling. Most firms have abandoned the art, but Edrington sticks to the old ways, marrying its blends for six months and at reduced strength.

Philly's Best Roast Pork Sandwiches

PhillyBite10Philly is mostly known for it's cheesesteaks. But, their is another great eat in Philly and many visitors to the city are becoming aware of Philly’s other sandwich jewel: the roast pork sandwiches.

There are no “rules” in pairing cheese and wines, and much depends on personal likes and dislikes. Like having a good cheesemonger, having a good wineseller is equally important and should be someone whose opinions you trust and whose knowledge of wines is good. In many cases, you will discuss many characteristics found in both wine and cheese.

PhillyBite10PhillyBite.com (Oct. 7, 2015) - So Its October Fest and you have no clue about the German beer your drinking, so here are just a few things to make you should know to impress your friends and family this month. One of the various things the German people are known for is beer. Beer is an essential piece of their tradition and heritage, with over thirteen-hundred varied breweries spanning the country. As far as per capita beer consumption, the Germans are only behind the Czechs and the Irish.

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