5 Ghost Towns in Pennsylvania That You Can Visit

5 Ghost Towns in Pennsylvania That You Can Visit

Photo: Yellow Town Pennsylvania

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Ghost Towns in PAPhiladelphia, PA - Below are some of the best ghost towns in Pennsylvania that you can visit today. If you have never visited any of these old towns in Pennsylvania, you must now. If you have not yet done so, you must read this article to learn more about Fallbrook, Yellow Dog, Centralia, and Petroleum Centre. You will learn about the interesting history of these abandoned towns. You will also get to know more about their local history.

Ghost Towns in Pennsylvania That You Can Still Visit


If you are looking for a ghost town that you can visit, you should consider Fallbrook, Pennsylvania.  It was once a thriving coal mining community, but by the turn of the twentieth century, all the coal had been mined. As a result, the town was abandoned, and today it is a popular tourist attraction. You can also check out the Fallbrook Cemetery, where ghost hunters say you can find the bodies of former residents.

Whether you are interested in history or the eerie atmosphere, Fallbrook is worth a visit. It has an interesting past and is a favorite haunt of movie stars. There is a Frank Capra house on Red Mountain Ranch, and two of his sons attended Fallbrook High School. It also serves as a base for many active and retired commercial pilots. The town has its air park, and many residents live on 5 to 15-acre parcels with avocado, peach, and persimmon trees.

Yellow Dog

When mining companies failed during the Great Depression, the village was abandoned and renamed, including Yellow Dog, several times. The village was eventually purchased by the current owner, who has attempted to restore it as a historic village. Unfortunately, as the years' pass, the remaining buildings fall into decay. The current owner plans to restore the ghost town, but until then, it is closed to trespassing and exploration.

Yellow Dog is derived from an agreement between a mining company and its workers. After They sold the company several times during the Great Depression, the village returned to its original name, "Yellow Dog." Although it was abandoned multiple times during the Great Depression, the community was inhabited only for a short time before being sold to a church. The current owner hopes to restore the town as a historical attraction and make it accessible to tourists.


If you're looking for a unique and fascinating place to visit, consider Centralia, a largely abandoned town. The town has suffered a tragic history and is a fascinating place to explore. While most of the structures have been torn down, some of them are still home to people. Just be sure to approach the town with respect and awe. Take care to stay on the roads and not walk on unstable ground, as the town can collapse and fall apart.

While most of these places have long since disappeared, a few remain in Pennsylvania and are worth a visit. You might even be able to discover a unique historical story by exploring these places. Pennsylvania has a rich industrial past, so that you can find abandoned towns scattered across the state. You can also explore these places if you're looking for an unusual place to explore. If you'd like to visit a ghost town, check out the Ghost Town Trail, a hiking trail that was named one of the top trails in the state in 2020.

Petroleum Centre

One of the more popular ghost towns in the United States is Centralia, which has been virtually abandoned since a 1962 underground mine fire.  Before authorities started cracking down in March 2017, the area drew visitors from all over Arizona. In the early 1990s, graffiti-covered walls and a graffiti alley attracted visitors from across the country. While the town is now closed to trespassers, it is still an amazing place to visit.

If you're planning on visiting the area, you should know that you can access Petroleum Centre via the PA8 bypass. From this exit, take a right and follow the signs for Oil Creek State Park. You'll find the trailhead parking on the right. If you're on foot, you can take the trail to the old oilfields in the area, including the Miller Farm and Pioneer Ranch. Once you're there, don't forget to buy a postcard of the area to remember your visit.

Hotel Bethlehem

If you're interested in spectral phenomena, the Hotel Bethlehem might be just the place for you. This historic hotel dates back to 1741, when it was the first Moravian settlement in the area. Over the years, strange happenings have been reported here, but the town has only recently started embracing its mysterious nature. One researcher has been tracking down old-timers and former employees to find out why. He found a resounding theme of paranormal activity.

There are several reasons to visit Hotel Bethlehem. The Moravian Church was founded in Bethlehem in 1741, and it received its name on Christmas Eve. When tourism started to grow, the town needed a hotel to accommodate visitors. So the church began to build the Eagle hotel in 1821. Later, they also owned The Sun Inn. The Bethlehem Hotel Corporation was formed in 1921 and had funding from millionaire steel tycoon Charles Schwab.

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