5 Must-Visit Haunted Attractions in Maryland

5 Must-Visit Haunted Attractions in Maryland

5 Must-Visit Haunted Attractions in Maryland

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Best Haunted Attractions in MarylandMARYLAND - If you love the thrill of the scare, then Maryland is an excellent place for a haunted attraction. The state has several haunted houses and attractions that offer different types of scares. Among them are 301 Devil's Playground in Galena, The Nevermore Haunt in Baltimore, Black Box Haunt in Hagerstown, and Laurel's House of Horror in Laurel.

1. 301 Devil's Playground in Galena

301 Devil's Playground is an incredibly unique haunted attraction with four interconnected attractions.  The four haunted attractions are designed to shock and frighten guests with amazingly detailed scenes, first-class special effects, and terrifying images and performers. This is it if you're looking for a haunted house in Maryland. 301 Devil's Playground is located in Galena, Maryland, and features four haunted attractions, glow stick tours, and music. This haunted attraction is one of the best-haunted attractions on the Eastern Shore. It is the largest haunted house on the Eastern Shore and features a terrifying atmosphere that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

2. The Nevermore Haunt in Baltimore

The Nevermore Haunt is consistently one of the best haunted attractions in Maryland. The haunted attraction is known for its terrifying twists and turns, and its spooky ambiance makes it an excellent choice for haunted house lovers. Visitors rave about the scary atmosphere and the spooky props There are haunted houses, immersive walkthroughs, live performances, and a speakeasy in Al Capone's former cell. This haunted house is suitable for the whole family, and there are no age restrictions. This haunt has several haunted scenes and has a professional cast of actors who perform the haunted houses. Featuring a turn-of-the-century theme, the haunt features a series of scenes based on local history, including a historic building and the long-shore industries of old Baltimore. The haunt uses subtlety and darkness to create a creepy environment. The haunt is accompanied by a food truck and an open bar that sells alcohol.

3. Black Box Haunted House in Hagerstown

If you're looking for a unique Halloween experience, try the Black Box Haunted House in Hagerstown, Maryland. This haunted attraction is a local favorite and can be enjoyed by the whole family. This haunted attraction has theatre performances, after-school programs, and local entertainment. You can also rent out the venue for your next special event. This haunted house is located in the heart of Hagerstown. Jonathan Hager, who unfortunately died in a building accident, built the house. Eventually, the house was passed down to several families. The haunted house is believed to be home to several ghosts. Visitors have reported seeing a man in black on the back porch, hearing children running up the stairs, and smelling tobacco in strange places. The Hagerstown Historical Society offers nightly ghost tours.

4. Laurel's House of Horror in Laurel

If you enjoy classic horror movies, Laurel's House of Horror in the town of Laurel, Maryland, may be just what you're looking for.  There are plenty of classic scary scenes and props at this haunted attraction. The highlights are a bloody butcher shop, a vile kitchen, and a bone-chilling body freezer. You can also explore the haunted theater and experience a creepy movie. Laurel's House of Horror is Maryland's largest indoor haunted house attraction in an old movie theater. Featuring over 28,000 square feet of movie icons, including clowns, snakes, and zombies, this experience will leave you breathless and frightened. The haunted house offers special guest appearances, seasonal themes, and a R.I.P. Pass for discounted admission.

5. Legends of the Fog in Aberdeen

Legends of the Fog in Aberdeen, MD, is one of Maryland's most popular haunted attractions.  With a unique haunted house and plenty of scares, this is one haunted house you don't want to miss. Whether you're looking for a night of scary fun or a family outing, you'll find it at Legends of the Fog. The barberry family produces the Legends of the Fog, combining their talents in various fields. Their talented staff consists of more than 200 Foggers - from actors to support staff. They're passionate and committed to ensuring the experience is as realistic as possible. They've also created specially-crafted audio accompaniment to accompany the scary atmosphere. The resulting effect is a creepy, frightening night out for the entire family!

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