What is a Fifth Wheel Hitch?

What is a Fifth Wheel Hitch?

What is a Fifth Wheel Hitch?

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What is a Fifth Wheel Hitch?Philadelphia, PA - A fifth-wheel hitch is a key component in a towing system. It is used for towing moderate to heavy trailers and provides extra support, security, and strength. The best fifth wheel hitch options on the market can last for years as long as the hitch is the correct size and type. It can increase the carrying load and transfer it to near or right of the back axle of the towing vehicle.

When is a Fifth Wheel Hitch Used?

Because a fifth-wheel hitch can improve the traditional towing bar system, it’s a popular option for heavy-duty purposes. For example, it may be used in a towing system for larger, heavier semi-trailers and campers. Regardless of the purpose of the towing system, from trailers to dump trucks to cargo trailers, a fifth-wheel hitch can aid in towing strength and efficiency. This type of hitch may be suitable when the trailer is linked to hardware.

What is the Difference Between Fifth Wheel Hitch and Hitch Towing?

So far, the fifth-wheel hitch might seem very similar to hitch towing. Traditional towing systems use a ball hitch, cable, or gooseneck bars, and they rely on the towing load supporting itself along the bumpy roads.

When towing lighter bunkers and trailers, a bumper tow hitch can suffice. However, as the size and weight of the trailer increase, a standard bumper tow hitch might become inadequate.

It’s for this reason that you won’t spot many (or any) traditional ball hitches towing huge heavy trucks. They simply aren’t strong enough to properly the significant size and weight of the trucks.

When towing large semi-trailers, choosing a fifth-wheel hitch is the best option. It maximizes towing power and security due to its ability to withstand heavy weight.

To put things into perspective, a fifth-wheel hitch can carry between 20 and 25 percent of the total load weight. A tow bar hitch, on the other hand, carries a maximum of 15 percent of the load.

How Much Does a Fifth Wheel Hitch Cost?

The price you pay for a fifth-wheel hitch depends on its type, usage, and quality. Naturally, heavy-duty, high-quality options are going to cost more. They are often priced based on their rating, with a higher rating costing more money.

You can purchase a light-duty fifth-wheel hitch for around $500, but you can expect to pay up to $2,000 for a heavy-duty one, similar to a three-point hitch, which is often used for tractor-trailers. If you’re choosing a manual option, you’ll generally pay less than if you go for a sliding fifth-wheel hitch.

If you purchase additional features with your fifth wheel hitch, such as safety chains or lubrication, you will end up paying more. However, it can often work out cheaper to purchase these things as a package than it does to buy them separately.

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