Visiting Philadelphia's Independence Hall

Philly Visit to Independence Hall

Philly Visit to Independence Hall

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PhillyBite10Independence Hall, located on chestnut street, is world-famous; the hall is situated right opposite the Liberty Bell. The Independence Hall is a place of historic importance; this was the birthplace of the United States that was completed in the year 1756. The monument is made of red brick, and a clock tower is on the top. Independence Hall is one of the biggest and greatest icons of the United States of America; it is one of the most famous and major tourist attractions of Philadelphia. The most important room here is the Assembly room, where George Washington was designated as commander-in-chief of the Army.

 Independence Hall In Philadelphia

Listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the Independence Hall is where the Declaration of Independence was signed. It is, without doubt, a historical place that dates back to 1753, where the history of present America was written. It is also the place where the American constitution was formed and adopted. Built by Woolley and designed by Andrew Hamilton and Edmund Woolley, the building is the epitome of Georgian architecture. Between March and December, visitors need entrance tickets, and during January and February, entry for visitors is free.

The Hall’s East Wing and first floor are wheelchair accessible and feature a photo album of the Assembly Room, which is accessible via stairs only. The Hall’s West Wing, home of the Great Essentials exhibit, including original printed copies of the Declaration of Independence and more, is fully wheelchair accessible. For those with low hearing or deafness, the Birthplace of a Nation pamphlet offers written information about the rooms on the tour. 

Several sightseeing tours are conducted by local travel agencies, which you can choose from to witness the various attractions. Philadelphia day trips are quite popular as well as common among visitors. The Philadelphia history tour, which covers all the historical sites in the city, is a part of day trips. Some of the historical places in the city that are worth visiting include:

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