8 Emotions You'll Feel During Your First Traveling Experience in Philadelphia

8 Emotions You'll Feel During Your First Traveling Experience in Philadelphia

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Visit PhillyPhiladelphia, PA - Traveling within Philadelphia allows you to meet new people, explore unfamiliar places, and attempt new things. These benefits and more are why it's a life-changing experience. The experience manifests through emotions before, during, and after your journey. 

Visiting Philadelphia For The First Time

At first, you feel excited about the reality of exploring a new Philly place. Then, you feel nervous and start doubting if the trip would ever take place at all. In the end, emotions qualify your journey. However, you can avoid negative emotions because Next Vacay has stellar reviews to guide you.

How you feel throughout the whole process, helped by reviews, determines if you had an exciting vacation, a boring holiday, or a heartwarming trip. Since we know how travelers feel, this is a list of 8 emotions you'll feel on your first traveling experience in Philadelphia.


Excitement is said to be a state of arousal triggered by the sympathetic nervous system. You feel excitement when activities on your nervous system are increased, leading to an increase in the production of hormones. Several things cause excitement in traveling. You can be excited to see new places, meet a friend you haven't seen in a long time, learn a new language, and explore recent events and festivals.


After the excitement, another emotion sets in when the date draws near; and you are about to leave your family. If you are traveling with your family, you still feel nervous about going and how they would adapt to the new environment. You could also have this feeling about flight delays and the stress embedded in them. Nervousness is said to be hormonal and physiological. Whenever you feel threatened or perceive a threat, you get nervous.


Flight and the hotel you are getting into might cause doubts. The doubt lingers for a while. You also doubt if the places you are to see would be open to tourists or meet your budget. There is also the doubt of civil unrest and insecurity, which are commonly associated with traveling. Psychologists believe travelers experience doubt whenever uncertainties confront them. And what is more uncertain than traveling, leaving your comfort zone?


A sense of accomplishment washes over you when you get to your dream place. You look behind and see the struggle to make it there, the stress, and the many things you had to sacrifice. It's the same feeling when you complete a task, take your favorite picture, or sit at a place you'd only been hearing about until that moment.


At a point in your journey, you would feel bored. No one guarantees everything will go as exciting as you want. Boredom sets in when you have nothing to do or you've done the same thing again and again. But this feeling can easily be removed with some creative vacation ideas. You can come up with your thoughts or research online.


Stepping into your destination out of the plane would boost your confidence. At that moment, you would realize it is you against all the challenges that place could throw. You feel a sense of purpose, and you are aroused to begin.


Once you overcome the negative emotions, the rest of the feeling is love. You feel love for yourself and others. Everything you touch evokes love, from the local beauty of Philadelphia to the exotic wonders that beautify the city.


As the days grow on each other, you realize there's something about Philadelphia that pulls you. Something even you cannot describe. It could be the love of the people or the city itself. Whatever it is, you're sure to find your groove.


You juggle through several emotions when you travel. You feel excited and bored, and then you feel accomplished all at once. These emotions are inevitable and will punctuate your whole journey in Philadelphia.

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