How To Place A Bet On The NFL Football Game

How To Place A Bet On The NFL Football Game

How To Place A Bet On The NFL Football Game

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Philadelphia, PAHow To Place A Bet On The NFL Football Game - Perhaps, it's safe to say that NFL gamblers always plan on winning. But, you can't bet on random numbers, hoping you'd pocket cash afterward. It would help if you always remember that knowledge is a vital element to winning bets. Thus, here are four ways you can bet on NFL football games:

 Placing Bets On an NFL Game

Point Spreads

Point spreads, also known as lines, sides, or spreads, are quite common in NFL wagering. Keep in mind that each football game has a favorite and an underdog, and this piece of information is quite essential in point spread betting on the NFL

Bookmakers, oddsmakers, or ‘bookies’ determine the number for this particular bet. These numbers may look like the following: Los Angeles Rams = +7.5 and New York Giants = -7.5.

A rule of thumb followed by many bookmakers is to place the home team at the bottom, whereas the away team is at the top. If you follow the example above, the Los Angeles Rams is the away team, while the New York Giants is the home team. Moreover, the Giants seem to favor 7.5 points at home against the Rams with their 7.5-point road underdog standing. So, if you’re to use the point spread bet, you may want the Giants to win the game with eight points or more.

However, you may also bet for the Rams to win or lose with seven points or less on the scoreboard. Note that point spread systems tend to be in either whole numbers or half points. Hence, you may see point spreads like +3 and -4, or +2.5 and -1.5.

Furthermore, if you placed USD$50 on a spread bet, you’d need to wager USD$60 to gain a USD$10 profit.

Money Lines

Unlike point spreads, money lines might not be your typical option in wagering on an NFL game. It’s because gamblers tend to only look at one particular element: which team wins the match. It wouldn’t matter if one team gained 12, 20, or even 50 points, as long as that specific group wins. In short, if you place a team on a money line bet, your wager wins if that team wins.

However, you should, still, consider some factors that may affect each game. For example, if you followed a 2019 NFL prediction wherein bookmakers foresaw that the Philadelphia Eagles would win their match against the Miami Dolphins, you'd gain a profit if you placed a money line bet on the Eagles. But, you should also consider the possibility of overtime. It's because money line wagers also count overtime, which means you should follow the adage of 'don't count your chickens until they hatch.


Totals, or over/under, allow gamblers to bet on NFL games that either go over or under the totals line. For example, you’re going to bet on a Seattle Seahawks vs. Minnesota Vikings match. Moreover, the totals stats for this particular match is 39.5.

You're going to bet if the two teams' total score will be over or under 39.5. In that example, perhaps, the Seahawks won their match against the Vikings with a total score of 24. So, if you bet on the over 39.5 wagers, the Vikings need to score at least 16 points for you to gain profit. 


Futures bet may require more research than other NFL wagers. It’s because you need to know and predict certain elements, such as season changes, player statistics, and team compositions. Still, many deem futures betting as the recreational gamblers market. As its name implies, you’re going to wager on future results.

Also, unlike other wager types, futures bets may require you to wait an entire season to finish before you can reap your rewards or wallow in your defeats. In comparison, other wagers may only need you to wait until a match is done. Nonetheless, futures tend to reward gamblers based on significant multiples. For example, you placed a USD$10 futures bet on the New York Jets. Moreover, bookmakers proclaimed that the team would win the Super Bowl with 90-1 odds (+9000). Therefore, if your wager wins, you'd be pocketing USD$900 by season's end.

Keep in mind that betting on futures might be riskier than other wagers. It’s because relatively anything can happen during a season that might positively or adversely affect your bet’s results. 


Point spreads, money lines, totals, and futures are among the few of the many possible wagers you can bet on NFL games. Remember, do your research before placing a particular wager. Betting on a random prospect might only lead to wasting money for the short- and long-term.

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