How to Keep Your Kids Busy on a Flight

How to Keep Your Kids Busy on a Flight

How to Keep Your Kids Busy on a Flight

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How to Keep Your Kids Busy on a FlightPhiladelphia, PA - Air travel can be an exciting adventure for adults, but sitting still for hours in a confined space can be quite the challenge when it comes to children.  The allure of airplane engines and window views may only last so long, leaving parents scrambling to entertain their little ones. So, how can you keep your kids busy on a flight? While it's not easy, a little creativity and planning can make all the difference.

Introducing New Toys: A Fresh Start

One effective strategy to entertain your kids during a flight is to surprise them with new toys. If you want to update your son’s toy box before you leave, check out these toys for boys.

Consider bringing along various items, but remember that small and quiet toys are best for confined spaces like airplanes. Here are a few ideas:

Coloring Books and Crayons:  Coloring books can be a lifesaver. They provide a creative outlet and keep children engaged for extended periods. Opt for coloring books with their favorite characters or themes to make it even more exciting.

Puzzle Books: Age-appropriate puzzle books can challenge and keep their minds occupied. Sudoku, crosswords, or simple mazes can be a great choice.

Stickers and Activity Books:  Sticker books with reusable stickers can provide endless fun as kids create scenes and stories. Activity books with puzzles, stickers, and coloring pages can be versatile options.

Mini Board Games:  Compact versions of popular board games like Connect Four or Checkers can be a great way to pass the time. Look for travel-sized options.

Building Sets:  Mini construction sets like LEGO or building blocks can encourage creativity and keep those little hands busy.

Storybooks:  A captivating storybook can transport children to another world, making the flight seem shorter. Consider stories that match their interests and reading levels.

Electronic Gadgets: A tablet with pre-loaded educational games or movies can be valuable for older children. Just remember to bring headphones to avoid disturbing other passengers.

Interactive Entertainment: The Screen Time Solution

While we all aim to limit screen time for our kids, a long flight can be the perfect opportunity to relax those rules a bit. Load up a tablet or smartphone with a selection of age-appropriate movies, TV shows, or educational apps. Be sure to have a good pair of headphones for your child to avoid disruptions to fellow passengers.

Snack Attack: Tummy and Mind Delights

Snacks can be more than just a way to curb hunger; they can also serve as entertainment. Pack a variety of your child's favourite snacks, but also include some new and exciting treats they haven't tried before. The novelty of tasting something new can be quite entertaining. Just be sure to choose snacks that won't create a mess and can be eaten easily in a confined space.

Engage Their Imagination: Storytelling and Games

Encourage your child's imagination by engaging in storytelling or playing games together. Here are a few ideas:

Storytelling: Take turns telling a story, with each person adding a sentence or two. You'll be amazed at the creative tales that can emerge.

20 Questions: A classic game that can entertain for hours. Think of an object, and let your child ask up to 20 yes-or-no questions to guess what it is.

I Spy: Look around the cabin and play "I Spy" with your child, taking turns describing something you see and having them guess what it is.

Travel Bingo: Create a travel-themed bingo card with items your child might spot on the plane or at the airport. Keep a small prize for the winner, adding a fun competitive edge.

In-Flight Entertainment: Utilize On-Board Amenities

Many airlines offer in-flight entertainment systems with a variety of movies, TV shows, and games specifically designed for children. Check with the airline before your flight to see what they offer, and bring headphones to ensure your child can enjoy the entertainment without disturbing others.

Conclusion: Keeping Kids Happy on the Flight and Beyond

In the quest to keep your kids busy on a flight, remember that a little preparation goes a long way. New toys, interactive entertainment, tasty snacks, and creative games can all contribute to a smoother journey for both you and your children. And don't forget, your destination can be a treasure trove of new experiences. You can even make a special trip to a local toy shop while on vacation so your kids have something exciting to play with on the way back. Happy flying, and may your journey be filled with laughter, adventure, and cherished family memories.

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