Traveling With Kids What To Know

Traveling With Kids What To Know

Traveling With Kids What To Know

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travel with childrenPhiladelphia, PA - Some travel tips will make the trip less stressful if you travel with children. These tips include planning for jet lag, bringing healthy snacks, and renting a house or apartment. You should also talk with your family to ensure they are ready for the trip. You should also discuss the itinerary with them before the trip.



Make Sure to Plan For Jet Lag

Jet lag can be a major speed bump on your vacation, but there are ways to help kids adjust to their new time zone. For example, plan naps and bedtimes to coincide with the new time. You can also make allowances for leeway. Children may wake up later than expected, but you should try to plan for it ahead of time. The worst time for jet lag is during the first 48 hours, so plan accordingly.

For example, if your child is tired at midnight, keep the lights off for an hour after landing. This will keep their body clock in sync and help them sleep better at night. Another helpful trick is to keep them in their cribs for at least an hour on the first day. Children who do this tend to pass jet lag much more quickly.

Invest In High-quality Suitcases

Investing in high-quality suitcases with hard shell is another essential aspect of traveling with kids. While it might seem minor, having durable, well-designed suitcases can significantly ease the travel experience. Look for suitcases with sturdy wheels, strong handles, and ample storage compartments. A reliable hard-shell suitcase protects your belongings and provides a sense of organization during hectic travel days. Additionally, consider opting for suitcases with vibrant colors or unique patterns when traveling with kids. This not only adds an element of fun and excitement for your children but also makes it easier to identify your luggage at busy airports or train stations.

Pack Healthy Snacks

Packaging healthy snacks at the airport or service station is one way to avoid buying unhealthy snacks.  Children find it difficult to adapt to unfamiliar foods and new cultures, and eating familiar foods helps them feel comfortable. Also, purchasing snacks near tourist sites or theme parks can be expensive. Packaging snacks ensures that your kids get a good balance of healthy and sweet foods.

Healthy snacks for kids include fresh fruits and vegetables. They're a great source of fiber, which keeps them full for longer. Whole-grain bread with peanut butter or sliced bananas is also a great option. Whole-grain bread can also be used as a base for healthy sandwiches or packed lunches. Nuts, seeds, and guacamole are also excellent choices. However, you should avoid popcorn, which can be a choking hazard for young children.

Talk To Family Members Before A Trip

Before you travel with children, it is essential to talk about your plans. Children may be concerned about certain aspects of the trip. You can address their concerns by listening to their worries and offering solutions. For example, kids may pack too many toys. If that's the case, sneak out a few of them when they aren't looking.

You can also share a bed or a room. This can be challenging, especially if your children have different sleeping patterns. Bringing a few books along can help keep them busy while you get some sleep. It's also essential to provide some quiet activities so that you can rest. In addition, let your children decide the next destination; this can help them feel more involved in the trip.

Rent A House Or Apartment

Renting a house or apartment when traveling with kids can make your vacation much more enjoyable.  You can choose a rental with everything you need, such as a kitchen and washing machine. You can even opt for an apartment with an outdoor play area. Families with young children can also choose an apartment with a playroom, outdoor garden, and indoor pool. Many of these apartments are also located near museums and cultural institutions, which can be excellent places for families to spend their vacations.

A vacation rental is also cheaper than a hotel room, and you can enjoy extra space and amenities for your entire family. You also won't have to worry about leaving your kids alone for long periods; they will love having their own space to play. A vacation rental will be a great place to relax with your family, but be aware that it can also have drawbacks.

Should You Fly In First Class

Flying with kids is a tricky business. Most airlines do not allow children to fly in first class.  While getting a ticket in first class is possible, the price is usually higher. In addition, parents may not want to put up with noisy kids. If you want to get first-class travel for your child, be prepared for the frustration of the whole process.

Flying with children is already stressful, so bumping them up to first class is not easy. But the extra amenities in the first-class cabin may help your kids feel more comfortable and less restrained. If you have long flights with kids, the added luxury of the first-class cabin may seem appealing. However, if your flight will only last a few hours, it might be better to travel in the economy instead.

Set Rules About Screen Time

Before setting rules for screen time, you should decide on a general plan for the entire family. Then, each person should agree on those rules before giving the child the device. Screen time can be a significant source of conflict between family members, but setting rules about it is an excellent way to prevent it.

According to AAP guidelines, children between two and five should watch no more than an hour of high-quality educational media daily. The only exception to this rule is video calling with grandparents. When deciding how much screen time is appropriate for your child, pick high-quality content and co-view it with them. You can also implement rules that govern the use of digital media before bed.

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