Turkey Day Hacks Your Picky Eater Will Love

Turkey Day Hacks Your Picky Eater Will Love

Turkey Day Hacks Your Picky Eater Will Love

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Philadelphia, PAPhillyBite10 - With 82% of American families say their children are picky eaters. Among children with difficulties, 9 in 10 are picky. For these kids, eating strange holiday dishes like Aunt Susan’s famous green bean casserole isn’t just inconvenient—it’s nightmarish.

But what if families didn’t have to sacrifice their favorite holiday foods… and kids with difficulties could still join the feast?

Brain Balance Achievement Center, a holistic, drug-free approach to addressing behavioral, social, or learning difficulties in kids—has 5 tips to plan a picky eater-friendly Thanksgiving:

  1. Practice MAkes Perfect - Try a Turkey Day “dry run” with some of your favorite dishes to prep the kiddos—without the stress of big holiday get-togethers.
  2. Let Them Have Some Say - Kids don’t enjoy being strong-armed. When introducing unfamiliar holiday foods, let them say no (at first) until they’re more used to it.
  3. Break Out The Chef Hats - While Turkey Day stuffing might top your picky eater’s “gross” list, they’re more likely to try a bite if they can help make it ahead of the Thanksgiving Day craziness.
  4. Is There A Detective in the House - Casually taste-test Thanksgiving foods beforehand to narrow down preferences. Does Junior hate the taste of mashed potatoes or just their goopy texture?
  5. Drop Gluten and Casein - The gluten and casein proteins found in many Thanksgiving grain and dairy dishes are the source of many “picky eating” symptoms.

After years of helping children with behavioral and social challenges, the experts at Brain Balance Achievement Centers have developed a cutting-edge (and drug-free) program combining sensory-motor and cognitive stimulation, academic exercises, and a clean-eating nutritional program to correct brain imbalance and improve achievement.

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