Grilling the Perfect Backyard Barbecue Burgers

Grilling the Perfect Backyard Barbecue Burgers

Grilling the Perfect Backyard Barbecue Burgers

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Hamburger Grilling Tips Backyard BBQTime to break out something simple and easy for lunch, how about a good old fashion backyard hamburger with family and friends. Thank goodness, the trick to grilling that perfectly cooked hamburger isn't really that hard to do. If you follow these simple tips and tricks, your backyard barbecues could be the talk of the town.

For starters, most tips for a perfect burger are usually the ones we already know, such as putting the burger on and letting it sit, or don't press or poke the burger with a knife or spatula (See.. Barbecue: Should You Poke or Flip Your Burgers on the Grill). Others are worth keeping in mind, even if they don't usually apply to a hamburger, Such as give the burgers a chance to rest. Allowing a burger to rest is something most people think of with pork chops, roasts, and steaks, but the same rule applies to hamburgers as well and if not more.

Finally, always remember to properly season your burgers with mild amounts of salt and pepper, and using your thumb to dimple the center before cooking will help to keep your burgers flat while on the BBQ grill. Another suggestion is to chill the meat before placing it on the grill, so you go to the grill with cold but not frozen meat. The trick is to keep the temperature down so as to not melt away the fat content when the meat hits the hot grill.

Although the best suggestion is to always, use good fresh hamburger meat. As with most things, garbage in equals garbage out, and if you want that perfect, juicy hamburgers, you should always make sure you buy a decent grade of meat before firing up the grill. While everyone's recipe for a great hamburger is a little different, these basic tips will help elevate your next backyard barbecue experience, also check out these Backyard Barbecue Basics BBQ Safety Tips.

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