7 Fastest NFL Players In 2022

7 Fastest NFL Players In 2022

7 Fastest NFL Players In 2022

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NFLPhiladelphia, PA - There’s nothing that quite compares to watching a talented player sprint through the field at breakneck speeds as he delivers the ball to the end zone in an energetic display.  This is a huge reason why many of the ‘fastest’ players are dubbed as “dynamic.” Speed is a good thing in the NFL but is not always an indicator of a player’s success. And although there are multiple ways of evaluating speed, there are a couple of players who truly stand out across various categories. That being said, here are our top picks for the seven fastest NFL players in 2022 with all-around records.

1. Devin Duvernay

Devin Duvernay is a wide receiver who plays for the Baltimore Ravens of the NFL, a position he’s held since 2020. Duvernay has achieved a top speed of 21.60 miles per hour, making him one of the fastest NFL athletes playing in the league in 2022. He is also doing well as a receiver and returner. Unsurprisingly, he has not let the Ravens down in any of the games that he has played and continues to use his speed to flourish. To check the Ravens’ performance during the season, make sure to stay up-to-date with  NFL betting.

2. Tariq Woolen

Another player who has exceeded fan expectations in terms of speed is rookie cornerback Tariq Woolen. The Seattle Seahawks favorite has reached a top speed of 21.58 miles per hour, placing him just behind Duvernay.

He’s relatively new to this list but has rightfully earned his place after achieving a 4.26 second time during the official 40-yard dash at NFL Combine 2022.

Woolen arrived at Seattle with a nickname (‘Riq the Freak’) as an obvious nod to his size and speed and has already embodied it.

3. Tyreek Hill

Also known as “the cheetah” after his impressive rookie year with the Chiefs, the Miami Dolphins’ Tyreek Hill thoroughly deserves a place on this list.

During his time with the Chiefs, Hill achieved a speed of 22.77 miles per hour and a 40-yard dash in just 4.29 seconds.

He continues to bring his speed to this current season with Miami. Here, his mentality of ‘run fast, talk fast, and think fast is extremely apparent!

The wide receiver is one of the fastest players actively in the NFL and is also considered to be the greatest in his position (and the highest paid, too!)

4. Raheem Mostert

Raheem Mostert is the NFL’s fastest active running back. This is no surprise, given his position as a standout sprinter at Purdue. Yet it took signing as a free agent for teams like the Miami Dolphins to realize the potential of his blazing speed!

In essence, Mostert is a dangerous open-field runner in the NFL and one of the Dolphins’ best assets.

Mostert regularly clocks well over 20mph when referencing speed. He brings this fire to the 2022-23 season and has hit a high of 23.09 mph (so far). He also ranks in the top tier for the Speed Score and the 40-yard dash.

5. Jonathan Taylor

Colts running back Taylor wasn’t just the NFL’s leading rusher last season; he was also the fastest player in the league in terms of in-game speed.

Regarding five of the fastest times recorded during games in the 2020-21 season, Jonathan Taylor was responsible for three of them. This includes the highest on record. 

During a 67-yard touchdown run, Jonathan Taylor hit a time of 22.13 mph. He also clocked in at 22.05 mph and then 21.83 mph (respectively) on two separate touchdown runs.

With all of these figures considered, it’s clear he will not miss a step throughout this season!

6. Rashod Bateman

Despite having a slower start to the season due to injury, the Baltimore Ravens star has already proven exactly why he is such a threat.

He has a burst of speed that people don’t usually discuss. It’s something that will continue to develop as he moves up through the league.

So far this season, Bateman has been officially clocked at 21.48 mph in his 75-yard scoring catch to the end zone against Miami. We can only imagine the things he will continue to do throughout the remainder of the year.

7. Jaylen Waddle

Following an exceptional performance last season, speedy wide receiver Jaylen Waddle looks set for success once again. 

Unrivaled field speed during his first year with the Dolphins in 2021 meant that Waddle recorded faster speeds, upwards of 21.08 mph. This occurred on a 57-yard reception in a game against the Carolina Panthers.

His top speed with the football on a 33-yard run reached 21.42 mph in a game against the Dallas Cowboys.

We can expect many more record-breaking speeds from the wide receiver during the 2022-23 season.


Every NFL player must possess a set of efficient playing skills and a considerable running speed. And it’s no secret that being explosive and fast on the field is essential to a team’s success. These seven players embody the best of the best in terms of speed in 2022 and must be recognized for their talent.

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