7 Things You Need To Know About The 2022 NFL Season

7 Things You Need To Know About The 2022 NFL Season

7 Things You Need To Know About The 2022 NFL Season

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7 Things You Need To Know About The 2022 NFL SeasonPhiladelphia, PA - The Rams fans have finally stopped basking in the glory of the 2021-2022 season win, but only because a new season just began, and we are all so hyped up for it. The Rams slayed last year, but that does not mean they will this year.

What You Need To Know About The 2022 NFL Season

And what is more, we are finally at a point we may never have thought we would make it to. Finally, we are seeing a season that really could be anybody's game. There are so many great players in the sport now; it is wide open. The truth of this is that there are plenty of great players on the field now, many of who are skilled in the sport and who truly shine through, and not just quarterbacks. But who will take home the next Lombardi Trophy? Who knows.

The bets are open, and the NFL player prop bets are up for grabs as well, so it is time to start thinking about the next season a bit more. The Super Bowl will be here before you know it!

#1. Brady Is Back

We were all so sure that Brady was done with football, he had taken home 7 Super Bowl rings, he is a household name, and he is a legend in the sport and definitely an NFL GOAT. However, Brady was not done yet.

He retired and then decided that it wasn’t time yet and jumped back into his Bucc’s colors. He put the Uniform back on as he stormed back into his 23rd NFL season.

Back in February he announced his retirement, but he did a U-turn and headed back into the sport with biceps of fury.

#2. The Dolphins Have NFL Pedigree- But They’re Not Alone.

The Dolphins have recruited some NFL pedigree, but they are not the only ones to have done so. The Raiders have Davante Adams, The Browns took Amari Cooper, The  Eagles have AJ Brow, the Titans took Robert Woods and the Cardinals took Marquise Brown.

Many teams have taken plenty of individuals with proven NFL pedigree, so things will be interesting as the season goes on.

#3. The Buffalo Defense

The Buffalo's defensive lineup includes some starters like Tre’Davious White, as well as Tremaine Edmunds, and it will now instead be headed by Miller, who is an ex Broncos player and a recent Rams' linebacker who decided to sign up with the Bills in the off season.

#4. The Chiefs Vs. The Bills

The Chiefs have been kryptonite for the Bills over the transformation of the Bills ability to contend. The Chiefs managed to destroy the Bills in the AFC Championship back in 2020, and they then went on to edge the Bills to a very tight 42-36 in the divisional round during the 2021 playoffs. Will it continue this year?

#5. AFC West Has High Expectations

The division with the highest expectations is the AFC West. In this division, Denver made a huge splash on quarterbacks, but the Chargers were big spenders when it came to their own quarterback, Herbert.

The Raiders also did the same thanks to McDaniels, and let us not forget how the Chiefs are still the contender thanks to Mahomes and Reid combined.

#6.  The Bengals Title

The Bengals caused quite the upset with the AFC Championship last year, upsetting the Chiefs who have been a pretty solid stone in recent years. It was quite the move giving the Chiefs a taste of their own medicine, however, now they are looking to defend their first division title in 6 years!

While they did not beat the Rams in the Super Bowl, their postseason did show them to be one of the most impressive turnaround stories in recent NFL history.

They went 6-25-1 under Taylor in the 2 years before, and look at them now, there has been quite the change.

However, there is more. Joe Burrow is actually looking to make his way back to the playoffs this year after revamping the offensive line.

It has new starters in the form of a previous Patriot center: Karras, a previous Bucc’s guard: Cuppa, and a previous Cowboys tackle: Collins.

Maybe it will change their luck. There is no telling, but maybe we will see the Bengals win the Super Bowl this year!

#7. A Return To Baltimore

The well known quarterback, Lamar Jackson is now the biggest name coming back from an injury into Baltimore. In spite of his MVP-height athleticism, he does face a set of questions as he comes into this year's contract.

He had worried that his lack of a long-term deal may affect his play, and it does concern us as well. However, we also have to wonder if the loss of Marquise Brown may have hurt his development in passing, or if the Ravens will double down and consider a first-run style approach around his legs maybe?

We do not know, but with Jackson coming back to Baltimore, we know things will be looking up for them, and if anything, at least it will improve their morale. 

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