Top 5 Tight End Prospects That Everyone Should Be Aware Of

Top 5 Tight End Prospects That Everyone Should Be Aware Of

Top 5 Tight End Prospects That Everyone Should Be Aware Of

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Philadelphia, PATop 5 Tight End Prospects - This season, tight ends are dominating the field. In fact, at least four have already been added to the top 100 selections over the past 3 NFL drafts. These figures are expected to double or even triple as the drafts come to a close. The NFL draft odds will dramatically change depending on which team gets the best tight end. So let's see which players the coaches are looking at.

1. Dalton Kincaid - Utah

Kincaid has the least amount of experience as a tight end than the other prospects. He only played in high school football for one year and spent most of this time playing basketball. When he made the switch to football, he instantly dominated. Picked up by the University of San Diego, he scored 11 touchdown passes from 24 receptions. Kincaid is a diamond in the rough, and his raw talent is far superior to other players who have been in the game for years.

Because of this basketball background, Kincaid is very graceful, can pluck the ball easily, and has amazing body control. He is the quickest and most agile tight end this season.

The main concern we have with Kincaid is his lack of strength. He won't work well as a run blocker. His team will need to help him gain strength or allow him to avoid these duties.

2. Michael Mayer - Notre Dame

Mayers is a consistent player who is always leading success. In 2019 he won the Freshman All-American honors and even though he is just a Junior he has the talent to play in the NFL.

Notre Dame has been producing amazing players for years now, but Mayers was able to break their all-time record. This is an accomplishment in itself, but looking at the figures, Mayers seems unstoppable.

He has scored 18 points through 180 receptions over 2,099 yards all in just 3 years.

Mayer is a strong player, a good runner, and has a sense of urgency in his play. Mayer would be best used as a route-runner.

The only concern about Mayers is his athleticism. His vertical jump, 40-yard dash, and broad jump are all average. And his stance is somewhat sluggish. Still, this doesn’t stop him from dominating the field. 

3. Luke Musgrave - Oregon State

Musgrave is unique. He has both size and speed. His college career reminds scouts of Teagon Quitoriano and he has the same promise.

Musgrave finished his college career with just 1 score, and 22 passes for 304 yards. These figures might seem low, but Musgrave has the speed and power to be a great assisting player.

He can run at Usain Bolt's speed of 20.5 MPH and despite that, he still has the strength to power down his opponents.

If a team already has great scorers but needs a tight end to bring speed and power to their game, Musgrave will be their guy. But, looking at the NFL news and rumors, Musgrave’s latest knee injury could lower that jaw-dropping speed.

4. Darnell Washington - Georgia

Washington plays the old game. He doesn’t try to get the ball and when he does get it he only has a short yard. Instead, Washington plays mostly as a blocker.

His size is imposing, and although the numbers might seem normal on paper, seeing a picture of the man against linebackers shows that there’s a giant in their midst.

Washington has no problem bullying players, forcing them to submit, and simply intimidating his way into getting the ball. Because of his fierce playing style, any team that needs a stronger defense and a dominating player should snap Washington up quickly.

However, if they need a point maker, a fast player, or anything more than a blocker, then Darnell isn’t their guy.

Washington is an all-or-nothing type of player, and his all is in blocking.

5. Sam LaPorta - Iowa

Iowa is known for its tight ends, so it’s not surprising that they have another top-quality player for us to observe. Although they have produced amazing stars in recent years, (like George Kittle, Noah Fant, and T.J. Hockenson,) LaPorta is leaps and bounds ahead of them.

His passing catch figures beat everyone from the university's past, with 1,756 yards, 153 grabs, and 5 touchdowns.

LaPorta was a finalist for the John Mackey Award because of his reliability and constant game-improving tactics.

Looking through Sam’s history we can predict he will do amazing things in the NFL. He has always dominated whatever tournament he was in, beating everyone in his path with ease.

He dominated high school, and then instantly became a star in college. We expect the same rise to stardom in the NFL too, as fierce competition is what drives this player.

Final Thoughts

This year the tight ends on offer are all outstanding. Each of them has broken records and made a name for themselves already. To pick out just 5 has been hard, but these players above are stars of the show.

Some still have areas to improve, but if the coaches use them right they could dominate the games.

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