7 Greatest Philadelphia Eagles Quarterbacks of All Time

7 Greatest Philadelphia Eagles Quarterbacks of All Time

7 Greatest Philadelphia Eagles Quarterbacks of All Time

Philadelphia Eagles
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Best Philadelphia Eagles Quarterbacks of All TimePhiladelphia, PA - The quarterback is among the most challenging positions on any team.  They need particular skills to help lead the team to victory. The Philadelphia Eagles are one of the well known and successful teams in NFL history, thanks to their choice of quarterbacks.

While it may be a few years since they have held that glorious Super Bowl trophy, the Eagles still manage to make their way through the playoffs.  You should check out the NFL spreads to see how this team is doing in the season so far. The Philadelphia Eagles are known for choosing great quarterbacks; Thus, in this article, we are going to discuss the seven greatest Philadelphia Eagles quarterbacks of all time.

1. Donovan McNabb

One may argue that Donovan McNabb is the best quarterback in Eagles history and the team's top draft choice. Under Andy Reid's leadership, McNabb took charge of the team as a rookie. The squad qualified for the postseason each of the following five seasons, winning at least one playoff game. He was selected for the Pro Bowl each of these five years.


McNabb is the team’s most productive quarterback in terms of statistics. He is the only Eagle with more than 30,000 throwing yards and 200 passing touchdowns in his career

2.  Nick Foles 

Nick Foles, one of the more controversial quarterbacks to play for the Eagles, was selected in the second round of the NFL Draft in 2012 and signed. After Michael Vick was injured in 2013, Foles replaced him and led the club to a divisional championship. In 2017, he rejoined the team and helped them win another Eastern Conference championship and the Super Bowl trophy. 

3. Randall Cunningham

In 1987, Randall Cunningham made his debut for the team as a starter. He contributed to the team's 7-5 record that year and continued to get better the next year. By the 1988 campaign, Cunningham had found his rhythm, averaging 3,400 passing yards and achieving at least ten victories each of the following three years. 


He was regarded as one of the top players in the NFL at the time of his position and made the Pro Bowl each of those years. Cunningham’s lack of playoff success is the only drawback to his Eagles career.

4. Norm van Brocklin

For many years, Eagles supporters referred to Norm van Brocklin as the Flying Dutchman. He played his first nine seasons in Los Angeles before joining the Eagles later in his career. Although many experts and NFL rumors, at the time doubted that Brocklin had much left in the tank. Yet, he showed to be a very competent quarterback in his later years. 


When he attended his second straight Pro Bowl in 1959, he contributed to the team's 7-5 record. Brocklin assisted the squad in defeating Green Bay to win the NFL championship in 1960, sharing the MVP award with Joe Schmidt.

5. Tommy Thompson

After the 1941 campaign, Tommy Thompson signed with the Eagles. He was instantly selected for the Pro Bowl but missed the next two seasons while serving in the army in World War II.


He rose to the top of the league as a passer after his comeback. With 25 passing touchdowns (12 games in a run-first league), he led the league in 1948, and the Eagles won the NFL title. Thompson surpassed 10,000 throwing yards in eight years. The 34-year-old then left the team after the unsuccessful 1950 season.

6. Ron Jaworski

In 1977, Ron Jaworski transferred from the Rams to the Eagles. The Eagles were beginning to make their way out of a decade of bad performance, and they required a firm hand at the center.


The pinnacle of Jaworski's career was in 1980. As the Eagles went 12-4 and defeated Dallas in the NFC Championship, he threw for more than 3500 yards and 27 touchdowns, earning a spot in the Pro Bowl. His Super Bowl XV performance was unfortunate, as three interceptions cost the Eagles the game.

7. Carson Wentz

When you consider Philadelphia Eagles players who had the potential to be so much better, Carson Wentz is the name that immediately comes to mind. He was a high-profile draft pick in 2016 and made an impression in 2017 by winning 10 of his 12 games. While his team went on to win the Super Bowl, he nevertheless sustained an ACL injury in the playoffs.


Due to injury, Wentz's performance started to drop, and he was never able to play the same way again. By 2020, the Eagles transferred Wentz to the Colts. 

Final Thoughts

Being a quarterback is an extremely important position to hold. However, you must ensure that you are able to keep up and prevent injuries from lasting longer. The Philadelphia Eagles have a long and rich history in the NFL, and this is thanks to the amazing quarterbacks they have had over the years. 


We have provided you with 7 of the greatest Philadelphia Eagles quarterbacks of all time. Each player has their own strengths and plays the game differently, which has helped the Eagles success. 

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