Everything You Need To Know About Jalen Hurts

Everything You Need To Know About Jalen Hurts

Photo: Jalen Hurts (Intagram)

Philadelphia Eagles
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Ealges QuaterbackPhiladelphia, PA - As we slowly start to approach the next NFL season, it would seem that for the Eagles, everything is on Jalen Hurts. The entire Eagles’ offensive makeup this year rests on the ready shoulders of Jalen Hurts. The Eagles have a lot of faith in Hurts. The Eagles had a pretty good season last year, but it could have been better, and now they are looking for Hurts to bridge that gap between good and great. 

What You Need To Know About Jalen Hurts

philadelphia eagles jackson jersey nflThey threw the ball 494 times over their 17 regular-season matches. It was the least of all the NFL franchises. However, they were not in the bottom rankings for the win-loss rate. It could have been worse. 

They did ‘okay,’ but they want to do better, and it would seem that hope is that Hurts is the key. We all have our eyes on the sports betting spreads to see if Hurts is the key or if we are all putting too much hope in one man. But let’s find out more about him and see if this hope is actually well-placed! 

The Eagles’ Faith In Their Starting QB

Hurts’ game was not at its peak in 2021; it was like his rookie season in the eyes of the Eagles; he came in late in 2020 to relieve Carson Wentz. They kind of coddled him, though.

There has been some skepticism of course, but even the Eagles’ owner Lurie has stamped Hurts with his own endorsements, believing him to be a dedicated player and leader. They are absolutely committed to him, even though he is only 23. 

However, now that is not such a hot opening. Hurts has been given a single-year audition to prove that he is capable of being a quarterback in the NFL. Should he achieve this, his integrity and leadership skills won’t be questioned. 

But, the love for this budding player is in what goes on in the locker rooms. 

When Wentz was struggling in 2020, many of the team wanted Hurts to replace him, and Wentz was so intimidated by him that he would barely even acknowledge him in meetings. Hurts did not care about this. He just wanted to be better and to win. 

He didn’t cave into dressing room chit-chat, and it was one of the many things that his team loved about him, so, his team does love him, but we have to see if he will bring the successes as many are hoping he will. 

Facts We Know

Aside from this, we need to consider what we actually know about Hurts overall, not just his attitude to locker room chatter. 

Here are five things we know. 

#1. No.1 Ranking By 247 Sports

Hurts arrived at the Alabama campus, and as he did, he was the no.1 ranked quarterback (dual-threat) by 247 Sports, and he was ranked as being the no.7 dual-threat quarterback by Scout.com, and 9th by Rivals.com. 

He was also ranked as being the top dual-threat signal-caller in Texas by Scout.com and by ESPN. he was 2nd in rivals. 

In his senior year of college, he threw a total of 2,384 yards and 26 touchdowns. He also rushed 25 touchdowns and 1,391 yards. 

He chose Alabama before Texas, Mississippi, or Florida. 

#2. A True Freshman

In his collegiate career, he is known as being the 1st true freshman to start in Alabama since 1984. He made his career debut against Kentucky and finished a grand total of 23 out of 36 with two touchdowns and 287 yards. 

His college career is quite impressive.

#3. 500lb Squats As A Sophomore

500lbs is a lot to squat, but this is when he would squat in high school as a sophomore. However, even as a Junior, he would squat 570, press 275, and dead-lift 585 lbs!

#4. Prepping Alabama For Clemson

He was enrolled early at Alabama, and he would practice with the team before their championship against Clemson. He wore the no.4 jersey and played the part of Watson in practices prior to the game to prepare the team.

#5. An Interesting Hairstyle

Players in the sport always try to give themselves something that will keep them as being noticeable, and for Hurts, it is definitely his hairstyle. 

The Basics

We know a fair bit about this man. His playing style is unique, he is loved and respected by his team, he has had a reputation since High School for strength, College for being intimidating, and he can lift a lot. 

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