Eagles 2020 Review | What Went Wrong and How To Fix It

Eagles 2020 Review | What Went Wrong and How To Fix It

Eagles 2020 Review | What Went Wrong and How To Fix It

Philadelphia Eagles
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Eagles Season 2020 ReviewPhiladelphia, PA - Look, Doug, I know we’re 4-10-1. I know we can’t make the playoffs. I know we have a lot of question marks on the team and players we need to evaluate. But none of these can explain the baffling decision to bench quarterback Jalen Hurts for Nate Sudfeld.

 What Went Wrong With The Eagles in 2020

philadelphia eaglesI can understand letting Sudfeld play in a blow-out game. Getting him in-game reps would undoubtedly aid his development and tell the Eagles what they have in their back-up. But in a one-score game? An opportunity to play spoiler to a division rival? A chance to enter the offseason on a much-needed high note, having confidence in your 2nd-round quarterback? Why sub him in then?

The decision backfired and acted as a microcosm for the Eagles season. This, along with questionable gambles on fourth downs and 2-point-conversions, has Pederson on the hot seat. It’s not the results of the games that are his downfall -- it’s the way they get to those results. Several games this season hinged on just one play or just one coaching decision. If better decisions are made in those spots, we’d have a very different end of the regular season.

Nevertheless, this is a massive offseason for the Eagles. They have an opportunity to add a real difference maker with their top-10 draft pick. They already have a young offensive core that could develop nicely. There are a few large roadblocks, though. The most glaring one is the quarterback controversy. Wentz or Hurts? And what will happen to the non-starter? I expect both to be on the roster next season, as the Eagles can’t easily get rid of Wentz without incurring a large-cap penalty. It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out.

Defensively, the Eagles really could use help at all levels. Linebacker and cornerback are the most glaring holes, as they tore up both position groups down the stretch. An impact defender could make a lot of difference for next season. The Eagles also could use stronger offensive linemen and added receivers.

It’ll be a doozy of an offseason, and I’m excited to see what roster moves Philly makes. This is a far different team than the one that won the Super Bowl a few years ago, and it looks like it. It’s time to load up and rebuild for Philadelphia.

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