Giant Majestic Ankole Cattle Arrives At Philly Zoo

Giant Majestic Ankole Cattle

Photo: Philadelphia Zoo

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Giant Majestic Ankole CattlePhiladelphia, PA - If you've ever visited the Philadelphia Zoo, you'll know that the giant Ankole cattle are no ordinary creatures. They're about eighty feet wide and continue to grow as the animal ages. They will eventually weigh between 1,200 and 1,600 lbs; gentle in nature and massive in size, the Ankole is known as the "Cattle of Kings."  The Philadelphia Zoo was the first to breed these animals critically endangered in the wild.

Philadelphia Zoo Welcomes a Giant Majestic Ankole Cattle

Native to East Africa, Ankole is a descendant of an ancient breed of cattle that lived in the Nile Valley around 4000 BC. Traditionally considered sacred, Ankole supplied milk (and only rarely meat) as an owner's wealth was counted in livestock. As domesticated cattle, Ankole is not threatened, thanks to the dedicated efforts of breeders and zoos, but their cousins in the wild can be at the interface of human-wildlife interactions.

In celebration of the Ankole's arrival, the Zoo is enlisting the public's help to name their new residents. Selecting from a list of names developed by zookeepers and in line with Uganda's Banyankole people (originators of the Ankole breed), the suggested names are based on the color of the cattle's hair or on its personality. Staff from the Zoo have narrowed down their choices, and fans can visit Our Ankole Cattle – Philadelphia Zoo to choose their favorite moniker. Names will be announced on May 16th.

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