The First Weekend Without Masks in Pennsylvania

The First Weekend Without Masks in Pennsylvania

The First Weekend Without Masks in Pennsylvania

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No Masks in PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia, PA - On Thursday, the CDC announced that those fully vaccinated would no longer have to wear masks; the news was met with mixed reactions throughout Pennsylvania.


Pennsylvania Lifts The Mask Mandate For Vaccinated Individuals

So, This weekend was my first time in 14 months not wearing a mask in public, and it felt great. We headed out of Philadelphia where masks are still required and spent the weekend at Hershey Pa with family and friends.

But we found that many people still have mixed reactions as well as questions regarding the mask mandate being dropped for fully vaccinated individuals.

We talked to a few people who did receive both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine and felt the guidelines are wrong. However, most of the people we spoke to welcomed the new rules.

Before we arrived at Hersey Park, the news broke that the amusement park would follow the new CDC guidelines, and visitors who were vaccinated could enjoy the park mask-free.

Even though most park visitors seemed to welcome the new guidelines, the confusion of whether or not to wear masks seemed to loom everywhere we went. It was clear that people are still unsure of what to do.

For instance, at our hotel, where most visitors opted to remove their masks, you could hear a vendor screaming at customers to put on their masks at the in-house coffee shop. A hotel supervisor later corrected her and explained that it was up to the guest to put on their mask or not in the lobby area.

The State of Pennsylvania and CDC were clear that now it's up to stores to decide their own policy. However, most restaurants and stores in Hersey were obvious where they stood.

Almost every establishment we entered had signs letting customers know they did not have to wear masks due to the new CDC rules. The business that still required masks were very polite about letting you know and many offered customers a free mask if they did not have one.

One brewery, in fact, not only had signs for customers letting them know they could enter without a mask. But had also instructed their employees to take their masks off. And I have to say this was the most enjoyable restaurant experience I've have had in over a year.

But in the end, after a year of covering up our faces, it seems that things are beginning to get back to normal finally. However, what's clear is that it's still going to take some time for most of the state to finally feel comfortable enough to get back to normal. What I did get out of this weekend is that it is finally nice to see faces again.

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