Best Philly Cheesesteaks to Grab: After the Broad Street Run

Best Philly Cheesesteaks to Grab: After the Broad Street Run

Best Philly Cheesesteaks to Grab: After the Broad Street Run

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CheesesteaksPhiladelphia, PA - You crossed the finish line, and now that runner's high is fueling a serious hunger! The Broad Street Run puts you right in the heart of Philly's legendary cheesesteak territory. Let's ditch the energy gels and dig into the good stuff! Here's our staff's shortlist of cheesesteak must-tries near the Stadium District.

Where to Conquer those Cheesesteak Cravings near the Broad Street Finish

Legendary Classics

  • Tony and Nick's Steaks: A Philly institution known for its purist approach. Expect thinly sliced ribeye (always USDA), your choice of classic cheeses, and no fancy add-ons needed. The perfect choice for those wanting the quintessential Philly cheesesteak experience.

New Kids on the Block

  • Avenue Steaks & Pizza: This newcomer knows how to satisfy post-race cravings! Convenient location, chopped meat for that satisfying melt, and late-night hours mean you can refuel even after a slow finish.

24/7 Cheesesteak Champions

  • Oregon Express: This 24-hour joint is a savior for those midnight cravings and those early pre-race nervous jitters. Get your classic fix steps from the stadium complex.
  • SQ Philip's Steaks: No need to worry about closing time here! Philip's keeps those grills hot 'round the clock, perfect for grabbing a well-earned bite on your way home from the race.

Beyond the Usual

  • Chickie's & Pete's: Local sports-bar chain featuring a crab-heavy menu & signature Crabfries, plus lots of TVs. For those who appreciate the quality of the ingredients, this spot delivers.
  • SouthHouse: Want a cheesesteak, but your crew is craving something different? SouthHouse offers classic Philly fare alongside a full New American pub menu and a huge selection of drinks. Perfect for the post-race celebration!

Important Note: Lines can get long, especially after a big event like the Broad Street Run. Be patient, or consider ordering ahead if the location offers it.

Pro Tip: After conquering that cheesesteak, a celebratory stroll through nearby Marconi Plaza is a great way to walk it off and soak up the Philly atmosphere.

Now, go forth and enjoy those hard-earned cheesesteak victories!

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