10 Must-Try Foods As a Tourist in Philadelphia

10 Culinary Must-Try As a Tourist in Philadelphia

10 Culinary Must-Try As a Tourist in Philadelphia

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Philadelphia, PA10 Culinary Must-Try As a Tourist in Philadelphia - As a tourist in Philadelphia, several must-try dishes capture the city's unique culinary scene.  From mouthwatering sandwiches to decadent desserts, here are the top 10 things you should eat to truly experience Philadelphia's food culture.

Philly Cheesesteak

First on the list is the iconic Philly Cheesesteak. This beloved sandwich features thinly sliced beef, melted cheese, and sautéed onions, all served on a crusty roll. The combination of flavors and textures creates a deliciously satisfying experience that symbolizes Philadelphia cuisine.

Philadelphia Soft Pretzel

Next up is the Philadelphia soft pretzel, a local favorite. These perfectly salted, twist-shaped breads are a staple snack in the city. Their crispy exterior and soft, doughy interior make them the perfect treat to enjoy while exploring Philadelphia's streets.

Classic Philly Hoagie

Sink your teeth into a classic Philly Hoagie for a more substantial meal. This delectable sandwich is stacked high with Italian meats, cheeses, and various toppings. Whether you prefer it loaded with lettuce, tomatoes, and onions or a drizzle of oil and vinegar, the hoagie is a must-try for sandwich lovers.

Roast Pork Sandwich

Another sandwich that should not be missed is the Roast Pork Sandwich. This flavorful creation features tender roasted pork topped with provolone cheese and broccoli rabe. Combining juicy pork, melted cheese, and bitter greens creates a unique flavor profile that will satisfy your taste buds.

Philadelphia-style Tomato Pie

If you're looking for something different, try the Philadelphia-style Tomato Pie. This thick, rectangular pizza is topped with a chunky tomato sauce and sprinkled with cheese. It's perfect for those who prefer a saucier and less cheesy pizza experience.

Water Ice

Cool down with a refreshing cup of Water Ice on a hot day. This sweet, semi-frozen dessert comes in fruity flavors like lemon, cherry, and mango. It's the perfect treat to beat the summer heat and taste Philadelphia's local flavors.


For breakfast, try Scrapple, a local favorite. Made from fried pork combined with cornmeal and spices, it's a unique dish that showcases the region's love for pork. Served alongside eggs and toast, it's a hearty and flavorful way to start your day.


No visit to Philadelphia would be complete without indulging in a Tastykake. These beloved snack cakes come in various flavors like Butterscotch Krimpets and Peanut Butter Kandy Kakes. They are a nostalgic treat that locals have been enjoying for generations.

Reading Terminal Market

To truly immerse yourself in Philadelphia's food scene, visiting Reading Terminal Market is necessary. This bustling indoor market is home to various vendors offering everything from Amish baked goods and fresh seafood to international cuisines. It's the perfect place to explore and sample different dishes around the city.

Traditional Italian Cannoli

Lastly, satisfy your sweet tooth with a traditional Italian cannoli. These delicious pastries can be found in many of Philadelphia's excellent bakeries. Filled with creamy ricotta cheese and dusted with powdered sugar, they are a sweet and indulgent way to end your culinary journey through Philadelphia's food scene.

By sampling these top 9 dishes and the city's best foodie market, you'll get an authentic taste of Philadelphia and create lasting memories of your visit. From iconic sandwiches to unique desserts, the city's diverse culinary offerings will leave you with a full stomach and a satisfied palate.

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