Best Practices For Personal Injury Lawyer Marketing

Best Practices For Personal Injury Lawyer Marketing

Best Practices For Personal Injury Lawyer Marketing

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Social Media PhillyPhiladelphia, PA - Every business owner dreams of creating a successful company and turning their idea into an empire. The key to success for any small business is marketing. The work begins when your concept is fully developed and ready to launch. Still, the difficult work of marketing takes time, effort, money, and sweat equity from personal injury lawyers. Here are some best practices for personal injury lawyer marketing that will help your campaign's success with less pain.

1) Get Connected With Your Customer 

You can't sell what you don't know exists. It's time to get on the phone and talk to your customers! It's nice when a client comes in and says, "I just found your website." but it's even better when the customer calls you out of the blue and says: "Hey, I love your work. How do I get involved?" You can only expect to succeed if you're talking to every person who has a need or interest in what you do. The best way to get connected is through face-to-face engagement. Whether on your website, social media, by email, or in person (at a lawyer's office), make it personal through conversation.

2) Tell Your Story

People are more interested in hearing your "story" than reading your resume. To convince others to join your cause, build the relationship by discussing the items that matter to your consumer base. The more you tell them who you are and what makes you unique, the easier it will be for them to remember who you are when they need a lawyer.

3) Make It Easy To Remember You

 The truth is that most people will not remember something if they don't see it multiple times. Consistent and repetitive messaging is critical for any marketing campaign. For personal injury lawyers in Jacksonville, your message should be built into everything from your logo to how your prospect is on social media and your website. You may also want to utilize SEO on your website so you can be seen in search engines. To know more, check out this free guide from Dagmar Marketing.

4) Promote Through Relationships

The hardest part of marketing is building relationships. The average person doesn't have enough time to meet every client wanting to get involved with their company. This would be alright if you could directly connect with everyone and only work with those who need legal help. However, that's different from how it works. Instead, you have to build up your brand by creating relationships via email, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Facebook while also networking with potential clients through connections at networking events. If you can meet many people, you will have little time to recruit and connect with everyone.

5) Share Your Success

When it's time to celebrate and improve your performance, use your success to tell the world what you've done! Share some key moments with your followers on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. If you sell high-end home renovations or commercial food products, turn the photos into a "gallery" and make it easy for other people to follow along with your company's journey or special event.

6) Get Creative With Your Messaging

 It's shocking how many companies are still sending 'hard copy' mailers weekly. Very few people even look at any of the mail they get in their mailboxes. It's time to turn 'mail' into 'email.' Send an email highlighting your best deals, your most successful lawyer, or a special event coming up at your company. Instead of a hard paper mailer, send an email and see how much higher you can get your click-through rate because no one would open them otherwise.

7) Offer Something Of Value

People are busy and need more patience for companies that immediately can't give them something of value. The golden rule is that you only deserve their time if you're helping them solve a problem or teaching them something important about the area of law that interests them.

The more you can connect with your customer base, tell your story and celebrate your successes, the easier it will be to market your injury law practice. The more effective you are at marketing to potential customers via email, social media, face-to-face engagement, and hard copy mailers that cut through spam filters, the easier it will be to find credit clients looking for help.

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