Ex-con Michael Villalpando is Accused of Stealing from Bars

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An Unkown 25-year-old man, who May come from the East Falls section of Philadelphia, was first exposed in a  Facebook post by 12th Street’s Institute bar. The Institute posted Villalpando’s photo, saying that they called the cops on him a few months back after he skipped on a $60 tab at the Bar.


The Institute Facebook Pos"Folks. We usually won't do this. However. This man was arrested at our bar a few months ago. He goes around saying he owns either Jose Pistola's or Sancho Pistolas. He is obviously mentally ill. That said, he is not unaware of right and wrong. He ran up a $60 tab and had no money. I got a very bad vibe from him so we called 911. He is very small, 4'10, uses a cane, and is soft and well spoken. It is easy to feel sorry for him. Don't. Upon arrival at my bar, the arresting officer recognized this man immediately and called for back up. This man was wanted for a serious assault. In Police Speak, a Part 2 crime is a violent crime. He assaulted another person, injured them very seriously, and put them in hospital for several days. He is out of jail---thanks prison over crowding. If he comes in to your bar/restaurant, ask for his ID. It's expired. If you choose to serve him, it's likely he has no money and his sister will have to leave her job to come pay his tab--something she does often. He has the potential to be very violent due to his mental illness and his self medication with alcohol. We are not without compassion for those in need of help. This man knows right from wrong and is well aware of what he is doing."

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