Best Things to Eat When Visiting Philly For The First Time

Best Things to Eat When Visiting Philly For The First Time

What Foods are Philadelphia Known For?

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Philly, Philadelphia, Foods Known ForPhiladelphia, PA - Philadelphia is a great city and definitely worth a visit. While here, make sure to get an authentic taste of some of the country's most iconic foods, many of which originated in Philly or nearby parts of Pennsylvania.


What Foods are Philadelphia Known For?

So if you're visiting Philadelphia, what should you eat first? How about starting with the city's most famous creation, the Philly cheesesteak. This city specialty is pretty simple; it's grilled thin steak strips on a long-roll topped with cheese, onions, mushrooms, and a must-try. You can also take a Philadelphia cheesesteak Tour.

The next Philly food to try is the Philadelphia hoagie. Honestly, if you've ever had a sub sandwich, a hoagie is the same thing, but 100 times better. A hoagie also comes in a long roll with sliced deli cheese & cold cut meats topped with lettuce, tomato, onions, and a hint of vinegar oil or Mayo.

For breakfast, a Must-Philly-Try is the scrapple. When you hear what it is, it may not sound like something you'd want to try, but it's actually tastier than it sounds. What is Philadelphia scrapple? It's mostly made up of pork scraps and trimmings, but all of that pork is mixed with some cornmeal flour and spices formed into a loaf and fried. It's a great breakfast side and can be found at most breakfast places and diners throughout the city.

So for your next trip to Philadelphia, how about trying the basics cheesesteaks, hoagies, and scrapple. There's nothing too fancy here; they're all food you'll be able to find at any local sandwich shops and diners. However, they're definitely worth a try for some authentic Philly fare.

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