Tis The Season To Be Spring Cleanin' - Here Are 15 Useful Tips To Remember

 Tis The Season To Be Spring Cleanin'

Tis The Season To Be Spring Cleanin'

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15 Top Tips for a Successful Spring CleanPhiladelphia, PA - Spring cleaning season is upon us, which means that it’s time for a serious deep clean of the house. Cast back your memory to the last time you cleaned and reordered every single thing. Three months? Six months? A year? Ouch! Whether you’re keeping on top of a good cleaning schedule, or you’re not quite as organized as you would like (but you’re looking to become more organized), a Spring clean is always in order come spring. 

We’ve put together 15 top tips to ensure that you get through your deep clean without giving up and starting again next year.

1. Get Creative In Your Planning

Before embarking on your Spring clean, plan out how you’d like to enhance your home with new decorative touches. Pinterest can help you find what you want when everything is nice and tidy again. It just takes a pinch of motivation and a touch of creativity to get up and get things going. And, speaking of creativity, if you’re looking for ways to add a personalized touch to your home - whichever room that may be - why not look into purchasing some photo wall tiles?

2. Plan To Work Room By Room

It can be a monumental task to be able to do all your spring cleaning at once. If you have a lot to sort through, you’ll find that even a whole weekend isn’t enough. Instead, plan out to work room by room as you go through and sort and tidy methodically.

3. What Can Be Resold?

In this economy, purse strings can be pretty tight. Instead of donating your unwanted items, consider listing them on Facebook marketplace instead. Marketplace is a great place to turn those goods into some much-needed change.

4. Come At It With A Marie Kondo Mindset

While ‘sparking joy’ is a little passe, there is something to be said for getting rid of unnecessary clutter. You have limited space in your house, so what no longer serves you well and is hidden away in drawers?

5. Make It A Time For Better Organization

Now that you have your mind set on a Spring clean, it’s also a great time to think about where various groups of items are stored together. Would those old documents be better in the garage? Could you add a hall table to organize your umbrellas, keys, and anything else you need to leave the house with?

6. Make Sure You Have All The Right Cleaning Products

Having everything ready for the deep scrub before you start will prevent any meltdowns mid-clean. Don’t get distracted!

7. Clean The Ceiling Fans

One appliance that doesn’t get a clean-out very often lives right overhead - your fans. Make sure you have a sturdy platform and get up there and wipe down your fans with a damp cloth.

8. Take A Break

Spring cleaning can be back-breaking work and you don’t want to get halfway through and not be able to finish. Take regular breaks to ensure you’re not overdoing it!

9. Throw Out Anything That’s Past The Expiry Date

This goes for anything in your fridge and pantry but also can apply to other items such as makeup as well.

10. Clean Out The Fridge

When was the last time you completely cleaned the fridge? Remember, if you’re doing a total clean it involves deep cleaning all your appliances, too.

11. Scrub The Shower Head

Here’s one you wouldn’t normally think of. Scrubbing the showerhead will remove buildup and help the water come out in a more uniform fashion. Some showerheads can even come off and be scrubbed from the inside.

12. Go Behind Furniture

Even though it’s a pain, moving furniture to clean behind it will get rid of all that gross dust, dirt, crumbs, and hair.

13. Sugar Soap For The Walls

This isn’t a must-do but it’s nice to have squeaky-clean walls. Sugar soap is the way to get all those little marks and dirt patches off with ease.

14. Clean Around The Outside Of Your House

If you’ve gotten this far, why not continue with the ultimate deep clean for your home by cleaning around the outside, too? Get rid of any cobwebs, wipe down dust and dirt, and tidy around pathways and gardens to have the great outdoors looking tip-top.

15. Hire Professional Cleaners

Once all the sorting and removalist efforts have been done, if you don’t have the strength to clean the house and you have the means - hire professional help. The cleaners will get in there and do all the scrubbing that makes a home really sparkle.

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