Is There More To Life Than What You Think?

 Is There More To Life Than What You Think

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PhillyBite10Philadelphia, PA - No other person in the world has the same exact mind and thought process as you. You’re view on the world isn’t the only one. You’re view is just one of many. And sometimes I even think what I think is wrong. But some people may think it is right. This also ties into how you were raised.

Some people are so stuck into how they think, it’s the only way they will allow there self to think. And I’m not saying that you shouldn’t think and make decisions for yourself, but there are no right and wrong mindsets.

Only beliefs, because to me in this world there are no right and wrong things. Everything is a belief, and with that anything other than your belief we label it as wrong.

If you allow yourself to you will begin to look at your beliefs and see how the world relates to them. Like how you view nature and if you see you being a part of it, or separate from it.

This life you have is more than the 10 percent that your brain uses. This life that you feel is absolutely fundamental. What you worry and stress about may not be a worry or a stress to the next person. So being that you think things that happen to you are impossible to get over is just in YOUR mind. Obstacles and hills are just apart of it. You make what you see in front of you.

You are the ruler of your mind. Take a step off of the escalator, and take your mind and pick it apart. See where your beliefs come from and how they affect you. You may say that life is hard, and the truth is living a life is hard. Coming into being is hard. But this society only makes it hard for us. We have to work for what we want, and work to us is a deep sigh of anger.

There is more to life than what you believe. It could be good or bad beliefs, whatever you label them as. But if you weren’t taught a certain thing from a young age you wouldn’t believe it. So if you tell yourself every day that this is hard and that is hard, and I’ll never get there or accomplish this, you will believe it and it most likely will never happen. So teaching the mind is the first step. You are the ruler, never let other people tell you how to live.


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