What To Do In Times of Confusion

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PhillyBite Confusion Self HelpPhiladelphia, PA - Confusion, a controlling force that comes onto us to derail us. We are strong enough to combat confusion, but we let it take over our minds.

Confusion about life, school, and everyday life. All of it is non-existent, at any way you look at it.

We make ourselves confused about our confusion. Combating confusion starts with your mind. Because with confusion comes stress, and stress kills. Confusion is multiple thoughts attacking the mind at once. Most of the time confusion are negative thoughts.

A brilliant illusion, defeating our minds. When in reality, the confusion is all in our heads. Because most of the time it’s perspective, and perspective is the ultimate reality in front of us.

How we view things is how we live. It is merely a clutter of negative thoughts and feelings. Clear your mind. Look at your thoughts from all angles. What causes them and how you react to them.


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I am Jordan Jones, a 17 year old I’m from Mississippi, I love writing, bringing value to people and writing is how I inspire and motivate people. I believe that each individual has something within him or her whether it is knowledge, experience or a skill. It could be kindness- that someone else can benefit from -that person could be in their community or at the opposite side of the globe
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