What to Do With Thanksgiving Day Turkey Leftovers

What to Do With Thanksgiving Day Turkey Leftovers

Thanksgiving Day Turkey Leftovers

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Philadelphia, PAThanksgiving Leftovers - There are plenty of ideas to make use of Thanksgiving day Turkey leftovers. Still, you might have trouble coming up with recipes that don't use all the leftovers. The best way to make the most of your holiday leftovers is to prepare a healthier version the next day. Instead of making turkey and mashed potato casserole, try a salad or a Thai curry! After your meal, you can also make some delicious sandwiches.

Thanksgiving Day Leftovers What To Do?

Another option is to make soup with leftover turkey. A homemade turkey soup is a wonderful way to eat the rest of your Thanksgiving meal. This filling soup can include vegetables like spinach or kale and uses the same seasonings as a regular soup. Whole-grain noodles are also an excellent choice. Garlic powder is a great way to make turkey soup with leftovers.

A great soup for leftover turkey is a buffalo turkey dip. This spicy and flavorful noodle soup is made with two cups of shredded turkey and just a few other ingredients. A healthy and comforting meal, buffalo turkey dip will make your guests ask for more. Once you've reheated the turkey, you can enjoy your creation in a few minutes. It only takes 25 minutes to cook and can be used for any number of different meals.

A simple and delicious recipe for Thanksgiving day Turkey leftovers is a savory mash-up of a club sandwich and a Cobb salad. You can serve it with rice or mashed potatoes, and you're set. You can improvise and use the leftovers in a variety of ways. This recipe will make the most of your leftovers and will make them even better.

A sandwich made with turkey and mashed potatoes is the perfect meal to make use of leftover turkey. It's a classic Thanksgiving dish that's good to use any leftovers from your Thanksgiving dinner. A turkey sandwich is a great way to use up leftovers. You can even create a turkey burrito - just wrap the leftovers in a soft flour tortilla and wrap them in a warm tortilla. Alternatively, you can freeze the leftovers and make a soup.

A turkey sandwich can be made with leftover turkey and melted cheese. You can make a Thanksgiving charcuterie board by combining deli turkey with sliced apples, fig jam, and grapes. Then, use the remaining ingredients and incorporate them into a pizza. Likewise, you can use turkey and mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving chowder. For a more wholesome meal, you can add shredded cooked and roasted turkey.

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