BBQ 101: What You Need To Know About Potato Salads

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PhillyBite10Potato salad is a dish, usually an appetizer, made from potatoes. However, it varies throughout different countries and regions of the world. Potato salads are more classified as side dishes than salads, for they generally precede or follow the main course.

Many claim to have made the best potato salad and offer the most authentic way of making it. But no matter what they say, the best potato salad, or any salad, is purely a matter of personal preference. Some like their potato salads mingled and just oozing with its dressing, some prefer theirs to be soft and tender, and others want their potato salad to be crispy.

Potato salads, hot dogs, barbecues, hamburgers, roasts, and cold sandwiches are often served. This salad is categorized as casual fare and is often served during outdoor barbecues, picnics, and other casual events or meals. But this fact does not suggest underestimating their savory goodness.

Potato salads are a popular menu choice for chefs and cooks preparing food for a large crowd. Since they can be made in large quantities with utter ease, they can also be made in advance and kept in the refrigerator until it is time to be served.

It would help if you never worried about emptying your wallet when going to the grocery store to buy whatever ingredients you need for your potato salad. The ingredients required for potato salads are inexpensive. Thus, you do not have to worry about making one yourself because it is, in fact, relatively easy.

You would need two pounds, or approximately six large potatoes which are peeled and quartered; two stalks of chopped celery; one finely chopped onion, which you could cook using a microwave on a high level for just one minute to be able to reduce that hotness if you want, that is; four green onions that you have sliced for just ¼ of an inch thick; one large carrot, shredded; ¼ cup of a sweet pickle relish; ¼ cup of chopped red onion; one teaspoon of dry parsley; a half teaspoon of mustard seeds; you would also need pepper or salt for the taste, along with balsamic or wine vinegar, and also with yogurt or a nonfat mayonnaise.

Of course, you must cook the potatoes in boiling water for approximately fifteen minutes or when the potatoes are already barely tender. You have to check every minute or so after the first ten minutes. Once you have confirmed your potatoes' cooked status, cut them into smaller pieces. After that, leave them so that they can cool down. Then, you should mix the other ingredients prepared in a large bowl. Once you are confident that you have mixed them finely, add your already-cooled potatoes and combine them all well. When all these are done, chill your self-made potato salad, but do not forget to stir it a couple of times during your allotted chilling time.

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