BBQ Naked Corn on The Grill

BBQ Naked Corn on The Grill

BBQ Naked Corn on The Grill

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BBQ Naked Corn on The Grill OK, so you are gonna cook your corn naked on the grill, but what does that mean? Basically, you completely shuck the corn and simply grill the exposed corn directly over the high heat of the grill see... BBQ Tips: Using High Heat on Your Barbecue

This method requires some attention to the grill and will result in a beautifully blackened cob of corn. The blackening is not a bad thing and as long as you are vigilant and turn often this corn will taste nutty, smoky sweet. You should keep the lid down, but you will need to keep turning the corn about every minute or so.

Picking the right corn is also very important, search for the freshest, most barely-ripe corn available. You can find great corn usually at a local farmer's market or farmers stand. Look for a nice green husks that are tightly attached to the ears. Stalks should be a light yellow and the ends of the silks a light brown. Don't be afraid to peel back the husks just enough to inspect the first few rows of kernels which should be white or pale yellow. Check that the corn looks looks nice and plump and that the corn cobs are tightly packed into straight rows from one end of the cob to the other. Remember fresh young corn will be full of  natural sugars which will caramelize beautifully over the high heat of the grill. As the corn matures it becomes less flavorful.

Grilled corn is the perfect summer side dish. It is cheap, easy to prepare, and tastes fantastic. So next time you grill remember Naked Corn! Make sure to also read our: Backyard Barbecue Safety Tips

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