Local Coffee Roasters Journey From Farm to Cup

Local Coffee Roasters Journey From Farm to Cup

Philadelphia's Win-Win Coffee

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Philadelphia, PALocal Coffee Roasters Journey From Farm to Cup - Philadelphia's Win-Win Coffee, founded by Nikisha Bailey and Matthew Nam, aims to revolutionize the coffee industry by exclusively sourcing beans from African diaspora farmers. Recognizing the lack of representation and ownership within the industry, Bailey and Nam were determined to create a coffee ecosystem that is 100% diaspora-focused.

Philadelphia's Win-Win Coffee

Bailey and Nam embarked on extensive boots-on-the-ground research to achieve their vision, journeying to diverse regions such as Colombia, Tanzania, and the Congo. Their dedicated efforts led them to discover black, brown, and women-led coffee growers who the coffee world has long overlooked. Win Win Coffee can empower and uplift these communities through fair trade practices by partnering with these farmers.

Not content with sourcing ethically produced beans, Bailey and Nam developed a groundbreaking data platform for the coffee supply chain. This innovative system ensures transparency and accountability, providing a clear view of the journey from farm to cup. By championing visibility in the supply chain, Win Win Coffee encourages an inclusive industry where coffee lovers can trace the origins of their brews.

The impact of Win Win Coffee's exceptional work did not go unnoticed. The microlot roasters were honored to be invited as judges for the esteemed Colombia Land of Diversity competition, a testament to their expertise and commitment to excellence. This recognition further solidified their industry reputation and dedication to showcasing the exceptional flavors and quality of African diaspora coffees.

Win Win Coffee offers a diverse selection of single-origin and blended coffees from the Congo, Ethiopia, and Tanzania. They also prioritize supporting Afro-Colombian growers by purchasing their beans and proudly offer a medium/dark roast called Como Dulce. These exquisite coffees are currently available in select locations throughout Philadelphia, but negotiations are underway to expand distribution nationally, making their extraordinary products accessible to coffee enthusiasts across the country.

With their eyes set on the future, Win Win Coffee plans to establish a new facility in the vibrant neighborhood of Kensington. This facility will serve as the heart of their operations, enabling them to continue their mission of creating a positive impact one cup of coffee at a time. Win Win Coffee is paving the way for a brighter and more equitable future by empowering diaspora communities and fostering inclusivity within the coffee industry.


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