Get Your Caffeine Kick on a Budget

Get Your Caffeine Kick on a Budget

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Philadelphia, PACoffee Shop Beverages - If you're looking to stay awake and not shell out ridiculous dollar amounts on a beverage that will cause a sugar crash long before keeping you up...check this piece out and think twice about your next coffee order.


Get Your Caffeine Kick on a Budget with These 4 Coffee Shop Beverages

Coffe Saving TipsWith COVID-19 adding a little more stress to our busy lives, staying caffeinated is one of the easiest ways to endure these ever-changing days. The odds of feeling empowered to have a productive day while drinking 16 ounces of liquid sugar mixed with dairy and a "hint of coffee" are pretty low if you ask me. To make things easy, here are 4 drinks you can order that will not only wake you up but make the barista think you're a no-nonsense experienced coffee drinker (or not, can't make any promises).

Black Coffee

That's right...Ordering black coffee is more likely to move the line a whole lot quicker for your barista and make your coffee run much faster than waiting for a hand-crafted beverage. While the caffeine content usually depends on the roast and the type of bean, you're likely to get at least 95 mg out of an eight-ounce cup, which is more than the 75mg you'd find in an 8-ounce latte at Starbucks. Plus, you can doll up your black coffee with any condiments/milk you'd like, so... more freedom to you. Pro-tip, if you need an extra kick, ask your barista for red-eye - coffee with an added shot of espresso.


My personal favorite coffee to order at any local coffee shop is the beloved yet underrated cortado. Typically served as equal parts espresso and steamed milk, a cortado is tiny yet packs a caffeine punch. If you love espresso but can't handle the acidity when drinking it independently, the cortado is perfect for you. The small amount of milk cuts the acidity, so you're left with a smooth-tasting coffee that takes about 4 quick sips to finish.

Double Espresso

While not everyone can handle this classic Italian coffee's strength and punch, espresso is the best way to save $$ and get just the kick you need. Pronounced es-presso, not ex-presso, this beverage consists of a tiny amount of coffee, forced under high amounts of water and pressure to create a creamy yet full-bodied coffee. Most coffee shops will charge you between $2.95-$3.95 for a double shot of this cup of heaven so that you won't be spending up to $6, and you'll be awake long before the latte drinkers.


Our last option is the happy medium between a cup of coffee and espresso. The americano is essentially just shots of espresso added to hot water. What you are left with is a beverage with the full-bodied taste of a shot of espresso, diluted a bit with water. The americano is served black, so you can always add your sweeteners and a healthy dose of oat milk. But if you ask me... it's perfectly delicious on its own.

Save on Coffee TipsSo next time you're out getting coffee and wanna wake up on a budget, try one of these drinks out! Or if you didn't feel this was compelling enough and stick to your chai lattes, and frappuccinos that's fine too...more for me.

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Elena Tzvikis
Elena Tzivekis
Guest Writer
My name is Elena Tzivekis - Writer and lover of all things food and coffee!

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