4 Best Mexican Restaurants in Hershey, PA

4 Best Mexican Restaurants in Hershey, PA

4 Best Mexican Restaurants in Hershey, PA

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Where to Find The Best Mexican Fare in Hershey, PAHERSHEY, PA - When visiting Hershey, PA, there are several exceptional Mexican restaurants nearby that you should check out. These are just a few outstanding Mexican restaurants for you to consider when exploring the area near Hershey, PA. Each has unique offerings that delight your taste buds and leave you craving more.

Where to Find The Best Mexican Fare in Hershey, PA

El Sol Mexican Restaurant

One of the top choices is El Sol Mexican Restaurant, located in Harrisburg. This renowned establishment offers an exquisite range of authentic Mexican cuisine and has garnered numerous accolades, including the prestigious "Best New Restaurant" award in 2008. Their extensive menu boasts a delightful variety of entrees and beverages, with the added distinction of having the largest tequila selection in Harrisburg.

Fiesta Mexico

Another gem in Harrisburg is Fiesta Mexico, which presents a charming ambiance perfect for romantic dates and special celebrations. This visually striking eatery boasts a full bar and catering options, catering to vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Their menu includes delectable dishes such as the mouthwatering queso fundido, the irresistible cheese quesadilla, and the succulent carne asada.

El Rodeo Mexican Restaurant

Travel a little further to Lancaster, and you will find El Rodeo Mexican Restaurant, a cherished family-owned establishment that has been serving authentic Mexican cuisine since 1992. Their menu features an array of specialties, including sizzling fajitas, tantalizing tamales, flavorful enchiladas, and satisfying tacos. They offer a wide selection of margaritas to complement their dishes and satisfy any palate.

Max's Grille & Sports Bar

If you're looking for a Mexican dining experience with more variety, head over to Max's Grille & Sports Bar, a family-friendly restaurant in Harrisburg. Although not solely focused on Mexican cuisine, they offer a selection of delectable Mexican entrees alongside their other menu options. Known for its welcoming atmosphere and reliable catering services, Max's Grille & Sports Bar is a fantastic choice for a relaxed dining experience.

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