How to Outfit Your Home Tiki Bar

How to Outfit Your Home Tiki Bar

How to Outfit Your Home Tiki Bar

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Home Tiki BarPhiladelphia, PA - There are several ways to decorate your home tiki bar.  There are many places to purchase tiki decor. For example, you can shop at Trader Vic's or Hale Manu or go with a roadside attraction. Either way, you can create a tiki atmosphere that is unique to your space. After purchasing the accessories and setting the bar up, it's time to find the furniture.

Tahitian Room

A tiki bar can be set up indoors or outdoors. In the latter case, you'll need a palm-leaf roof. If you set up the bar inside, separate the bar area with a wooden counter. Alternatively, you can use thatch-style runners to cover the sides of the counter. A tiki bar can be a great way to make your home feel more tropical.

Hale Manu

For a truly tropical experience, emulating the Tiki culture at home is easy. Tiki mugs, lava stones, thatched surfaces, and bamboo straws are all integral to the Hawaiian look. Tiki bars are also increasingly employing mermaids to swim in giant aquariums. A former Miss Universe went to Sip 'N Dip to meet a mermaid. The typical Tiki cocktail is a mix of rum and orange Curacao.

Roadside Attraction

To outfit your home tiki bar with authentic tiki ware, look no further than Roadside Attraction. This quirky roadside attraction in Key West, Florida, sells items made by local artists and artisans. Many of these items reflect the quirky sense of humor of the Keys, so be sure to check out their jars, plates, and other knick-knacks!

Bushnell bar set

Whether you want a small tiki bar on your patio or a spacious one on your balcony, a Bushnell bar set can do the trick. Its compact design makes it perfect for small spaces and outdoor balconies. It features a tabletop, a small bottom shelf, and two matching bar stools. Adding a tiki torch is optional, but Bushnell bar sets come with one.

Siebert side table

A Siebert side table for a home tiki bar is a stylish addition to any outdoor living space. The woven table's distinctive style blends in perfectly with any decor and will add a little Polynesian flair to any outdoor space. In addition, it is available in a variety of finishes and can be personalized to add your own personality to your bar. In addition, the table can be personalized with your own name and design.

Orchid-print caftans

Orchid-print caftans are a fun way to celebrate the Hawaiian holidays. They are a great way to show off your island style. And if you're having a home tiki bar, why not wear one? If you want to be more authentic, try using Hawaiian flowers. These blooms have a sweet, thick smell and mix well with coconut oil. Plus, they'll look fantastic in any setting, so you'll want to get the best ones you can find.

Nautical fishing float string lights

To give your home tiki bar an authentic tropical feel, you should consider installing a set of nautical fishing float string lights. These decorative lights are modeled after the blown glass fishing floats that wash ashore as gifts. The bulbs that these lights use are pygmy and have an approximate size of 20cm (8 inches).

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