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2711 W Girard Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19130


Rolling Stop
Blond Ale, 4.9%, $5 16oz., $3 8oz, $15 growler
This beer is as simple and approachable as we get. Tastes of cereal and a fresh spring day come from Two-Row Malt, the slightest bit of Crystal Malt, and a “whopping” 13 IBUs worth of CTZ hops. We hope you find our attempt at a “regular beer”, just as crisp and refreshing as we do.

Ghost Station
Berlinerweisse w/Raspberries, 4.2%, $5 16oz., $3 8oz, $15 growler
Three lines on the Berlin Subway served both East and West Berlin. When the Berlin Wall went up in 1961, the lines were open to West Berliners, but the trains would not stop at the stations in East Berlin. These 16 empty stations were colloquially each called Geisterbahnhof (Ghost Station) by Berliners. Brewed with 126 pounds of red raspberries, this Neo-Berlinerweisse is how we’ve chosen to remember the Ghost Station’s legacy. Tons of sweet red raspberry dominate the nose. A lemon like tartness from kettle souring, with a hint of sugary wheat rounds out the finish.

Indecent Exposure
Single (Chinook) Hop Pale, 5.2%, $5 16oz., $3 8oz, $15 growler
Most contemporary American Pale Ales are brewed with a combination of several hops, leaving the consumer with an adequate beer drinking experience, but also a more generic “hop taste.”  Whereas brewing Pale Ale with just a single hop educates the drinker and exposes the many flavorful facets of the hop being utilized.  This is the purpose of Indecent Exposure. Every batch is brewed with a different hop each time and held together by Caramel, Munich, Biscuit and Two-Row Malts, which provide a firm and crisp mouth feel, perfect for accentuating the indecently exposed hop.

100 IBUs To Life
IPA, 6.5%, $6 13oz., $4 8oz, $18 growler
Brewed with a plethora of our favorite west coast hops, 100 IBUs To Life showcases the incredible tropical, citrus and pine flavors craft beer drinkers have come to know and love in an IPA.  Pilsner, Two-Row, Dextrapils, and a hint of  Crystal 60 malt provide a light, but solid body, bringing hop flavors to the fore, while not weighing your palate down with the sticky residual bitterness that most IPAs are known for and avoided because of.  A lower temperature fermentation provides a clean, crisp, and dry finish, and a 5 day dry-hopping gives this beer aromatics you can smell the second it reaches your hands.  This IPA is brewed to appeal to lovers of the style and to convert the not-so-lovers. The full enjoyment of hops takes dedication. Are you willing to commit 100 IBUs To Life?

Eye For An Eye
Imperial IPA, 10.5%, $7 13oz., $4.50 8oz, $18 growler
“Aggressively hopped” doesn’t do it justice. At 5 lbs of hops per barrel, Eye for an Eye is the most intensely hopped beer we make. 1,000 lbs of lightly kilned malts allows us to make a high ABV beer, but still leave plenty of room for big hop flavor. Brewed with gracious amounts of Citra, Chinook, Azaaca, Amarillo, and Columbus this West Coast IPA has a subtle amount of pine with a tide of citrus, papaya, and pineapple flavors finishing it off. Though the name may suggest otherwise you don’t owe us a thing, just your palate, which may be gone after a glass or two of this.

The Grod Inquisitor
Grodziskie, 4.7%, $6 13oz., $4 8oz, $18 growler
When we decided to start a brewery, we had no idea that something called a “Grodziskie” even existed, let alone, would pair so well with our Russian influenced menu. The beer, which originates form 14th century Poland is brewed with 100% oak smoked wheat, and is often soured. We utilize a technique called kettle souring to achieve this desired subtle tartness. Smells of smoked ham and alfalfa bring way to a taste of cloud like sausage lemonade, which finishes with a crisp, dry airiness similar to a brisk wind blowing through your arm hair.

House Arrest
Farmhouse Ale, 4.5%, $6 13oz., $4 8oz, $18 growler
Life on a farm a few centuries ago probably possessed few luxuries outside of a warm fire and a tankard of house-brewed ale. It was likely a simple brew made with no thought to dazzle, be pondered or least of all, taste consistent from batch-to-batch. It was brewed for a basic purpose—to refresh, sustain and comfort a hard-working body and mind.  Our Farmhouse Ale, House Arrest follows this model.  Each batch will be tweaked or completely changed dependent on what malt or hops we have, and also how hot or cold it is outside.  What will not change is the farmhouse yeast, which provides the spicy, grassy, and fruity flavors beer drinkers for centuries have enjoyed.

Fyodor Dankstoyevsky
Double IPA, 8.2%, $6 13oz., $4 8oz, $18 growler
What is dank? Spicy aromatic hop scents lead the way to a lush and balanced medley of German, British, and American malts. The finish is dry, but with enough stickiness to slow you down a bit and leave you with resiny pine and sweet orange peel aftertaste. Before we say you’re welcome, we’d like to Dank You Very Much!

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