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Jill, our Wining Archaeologist, currently works on projects in Iraq and Italy when she isn’t tasting new wines.

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PhillyBite10Philadelphia, PA - Jet Wine Bar, we ask you to think globally, drink locally. In the mood to send your taste buds to Santorini, Sardegna, or beyond? Jet can take you there.

Jet offers meats, cheeses, small plates, sandwiches, and snacks to complement our diverse wine and beverage selection. Opened in November of 2010 as the love child of an archaeologist (Jill Weber) and an engineer (Evan Malone). We love wine, we love bars... we love wine bars! We wanted to bring a friendly, accessible wine bar to a great neighborhood.

Events and Specials:


Spartacus’ life has been chronicled from his success in the arena to his military prowess. Guests will follow the path of Spartacus’ Thracian beginnings, training in Capua, refuge on Mt. Vesuvius, and eventual defeat at Senarchia via a wine tasting on Tuesday, April 11th from 6:30-8:30pm

Jill Weber, Jet Wine Bar owner, will lead guests through these 5 wines and their unique histories:

  • Ciro Picariello Fiano di Avellino 2014
  • Quinta do Monte d'Oiro, Lybra Arinto 2012
  • Chamlija Papaskarasi Thrace 2014
  • Mastroberardino Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio Rosso DOC 2010
  • San Giovanni Castellabate Campania 2013

For $30, guests will enjoy the 5-wine tasting, light bites, 15% off of their bar tab and special pricing on the tasting bottles (for to-go sales).

For more information about the Spartacus Wine Tasting or to purchase tickets, please visit
Philly wine lovers can escape reality for a few hours and enjoy A Trip to Italy Wine Tasting on Wednesday, April 12th from 7-9pm. Breakthru Beverages’s Jeff Holden, will lead guests through the differences in wine between various regions in Italy. 
The 6 wines include:
  • Col Dei Venti Cortese 2015, Piedmont
  • Terlano Muller Thurgau 2015, Alto Adige
  • Rocca Sveva Rose 2015, Veneto
  • Olianas Cannonau 2015, Sardinia
  • Velenosi Lacrima di Morro d'Alba 2015, Marche
  • CasadeiSogno Mediterraneo 2014, Tuscany
With the purchase of a $30 ticket, guests will enjoy the 6-wine tasting, an assortment of light bites, 15% off their evening’s bar tab and special pricing on the tasting bottles (for to-go sales). For more information on the A Trip to Italy Wine Tasting, or to purchase tickets, please visit


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