A Glimpse into the Leading iGaming Suppliers in 2024

A Glimpse into the Leading iGaming Suppliers in 2024

A Glimpse into the Leading iGaming Suppliers in 2024

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Philadelphia, PA - In the US, the iGaming industry is growing at a rapid pace. By the end of this year, Statista expects America’s online casino sector to be generating revenues upwards of $23 billion. Additionally, it’s likely to experience a compound annual growth rate of 9.53% between now and 2028, with estimated revenues in 2028 set to break the $33 billion mark.

A lot of this is down to the legalization and regulation of iGaming markets across individual US states. However, it’s also due largely to the immersive and engaging iGaming experiences that are being created. There are dozens of iGaming software studios around the world today, but you’ll find a handful rated as the elite-level pioneers of iGaming in 2024.

Below, we explore the four market leaders for iGaming action, some of which are already supplying US-licensed operators with state-of-the-art slots and table games.


NetEnt remains a beacon of innovation in 2024, captivating players with its unparalleled mastery of immersive game development. Renowned for high-quality graphics and inventive themes, NetEnt continues to redefine the gaming experience. In the current landscape, their foray into virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) stands out, offering players an even more engaging and realistic adventure within the digital realm.


International Game Technology (IGT) stands as a driving force in shaping the future of iGaming. With roots dating back to the 1970s, IGT brings a wealth of expertise to the industry. In 2024, the company showcases its commitment to innovation across various gaming domains.

From classic slots to interactive games and digital solutions, IGT offers a diverse portfolio that resonates with a broad player base. This includes some of the most popular high-volatility slots, like the underwater world of King of Atlantis. For any slot player, it's important to understand the difference between high and low volatility in slots. It’s one of the key slot machine tips to help users find games best suited to their preferences and bankrolls, as high-volatility offerings generally have lower win frequencies but bigger wins when they land, and low-volatility games are the polar opposite.


With a legacy dating back to the 1990s, Microgaming stands tall as a pioneer in iGaming. In 2024, the supplier will maintain its excellence in game development and progressive jackpot offerings. Microgaming's diverse portfolio, spanning classic and modern games, ensures a gaming experience tailored to a wide audience. Beyond its gaming prowess, Microgaming's commitment to responsible gaming adds an extra layer of trust for players.


Playtech, a global force in iGaming, continues to command attention in 2024 with its versatile product offerings. From a comprehensive suite of casino games to a cutting-edge live casino platform, Playtech's influence extends across various facets of online gaming. Emphasizing cross-channel content delivery, the supplier ensures that players worldwide can access a diverse array of gaming options. The integration of responsible gaming practices further solidifies Playtech's standing in the industry.

This quartet of suppliers is the beating heart of the industry’s vibrancy and evolution. As technology advances and player expectations rise, you can count on these studios to stay at the head of the curve to shape the future of iGaming experiences.

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