By 2030, Osaka's Casino Resort will be part of Japan's Entertainment Revolution

Osaka's Casino Resort will be part of Japan's Entertainment Revolution

Osaka's Casino Resort will be part of Japan's Entertainment Revolution

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Osaka's Casino Resort will be part of Japan's Entertainment RevolutionPhiladelphia, PA - The Osaka Prefectural Government (OPG) recently signed an agreement with Osaka IR to build an integrated resort in Osaka Bay by 2030. The agreement marks a crucial step toward creating Japan's first casino resort and part of a larger effort to bolster the country's economy. According to the online casino blog at, the planned project will alter Osaka's entertainment scene and change Japan's gaming sector. 

Signing A New Deal

Osaka City struck a deal with a consortium on September 28, 2023, allowing an integrated casino resort to be built on Yumeshima, an artificial island in Osaka Bay. The municipal government and Osaka IR signed the deal, a recently certified joint venture between MGM Resorts International and Orix Corporation, a Japanese financial services corporation. The deal states that the casino resort will open in the fall of 2030, roughly a year later than initially planned.
The Osaka government originally planned to open the casino resort in the fall and winter of 2029. However, when submitted in April 2022, the plan did not impress the central government, delaying approval. Japan has long debated the concept of a controlled casino facility even though gambling is illegal under Japanese law. Concerns have also been raised regarding problem gambling, which counters the vision to build a casino-based integrated resort. These worries sparked a lengthy debate, but the casino resort's predicted earnings eventually stood out, and a decision was reached.

The Costly Delay

The central government eventually authorized the plan in April 2023, approximately six months after the Osaka leadership expected it to be implemented. The long delay has a huge impact on the ambitious city of Osaka. The delay costs more than just time. The material cost grew to around 1.27 trillion, up from the initially projected 1.08 trillion. The cost hike harmed the casino resort project even more.
As a determined developer, MGM Resorts International agreed to withstand the financial shock by raising the additional cash, around $1.3 billion more. MGM Resorts International, Orix Corporation, and the principal owners of Osaka IR will share the additional cost. However, one of the terms of the agreement was that Osaka IR reserves the right to withdraw from the newly inked arrangement if the investment exceeds 1.27 trillion Yen ($8.5 billion).
Public expenses may rise if concerns such as soil remediation charges occur if the project requires enlargement, particularly after it is launched. The agreement also states that MGM has the option to exit from the project by the end of September 2026. Despite the obstacles and the volatile contract clauses, the deal went through, signaling significant positive motion. To that end, the only remaining hurdle for the Osaka IR is successfully obtaining a license from Japan's central government to create and launch the integrated casino resort. 

Welcoming the Ground-Breaking Project

The deal's participants were relieved that it had been completed satisfactorily. MGM Resorts International and Orix Corporation expressed their delight with the project, claiming it would benefit Japan's economy considerably. MGM Resorts president and CEO Bill Hornbuckle said during the signing ceremony, "This is a significant moment for our company as we officially close the certification process and begin to focus on executing our vision, in partnership with Orix, to build a world-class integrated resort in Osaka. We are still deeply devoted to this initiative."  

Officials in Osaka also anticipate that the integrated resort will help strengthen the region's economy when the World Expo in Osaka concludes in 2025. The casino resort is estimated to generate around 520 billion in annual income, most of which will come from gambling. Beyond its economic impact, this project signifies a significant stride in developing Japan's casino industry and reflects the growing popularity of Japanese online casinos. Establishing this state-of-the-art casino resort marks a new and inviting path for Japan, a country that has long viewed gambling skeptically.


The long and arduous road to having an integrated casino resort in Japan has finally shown prospects of a happy ending with the new Osaka contract. The agreement is a breath of fresh air for both Osaka city officials and the Osaka IR, notwithstanding the compromises that must be made. If it is successful, the integrated resort will be a valuable addition to Japan's entertainment sector and economy.

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