Casino Etiquette: The Do’s and Don’ts

Casino Etiquette: The Do’s and Don’ts

Casino Etiquette: The Do’s and Don’ts

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Philadelphia, PACasino Etiquette: The Do’s and Don’ts - There is a lot of public interest in casino gaming. That is obvious from the number of casinos that have sprung up in Philadelphia since the city opted to legalize it.

While it has always been popular to a certain degree, there is no doubt that the internet and online casinos have helped to spark greater engagement.  The potential that they present people with to play real money poker, blackjack, slots and other games, all from the comfort of home has attracted a lot of new players.

Many of them then decide to take what they have learned and visit a real-world casino for a night out. Doing so does mean observing some basic rules of politeness, though. 

This article will outline all of the casino dos and don’ts that you need to know.

Things to do

Find out about the dress code

One thing you should always do before paying a visit to a real-world casino is to find out if there is a dress code. Otherwise, you may be barred.

The existence of dress rules is one of the things that makes these casinos different from online ones. When you are playing at one of the latter, you can wear pajamas if you choose – which is something that many people like about them.

Do not be daunted by the dress code issue though. If you have been watching James Bond movies you may think that you need to show up wearing a tux, but that is not the case. The general rule for most casinos is smart casual but there is often some difference depending on the time of day.

During the daytime, the emphasis is on the ‘casual’, but at night most people dress more smartly, with suits, ties, stylish dresses, etc. 

Tip the dealers

Despite making sizeable profits, most real-world casinos do not pay generous wages to the dealers. Many only earn a few bucks per hour, so it really is good form to tip them when you are there. 

That is true of other employees who will serve you during your visit too; meaning the likes of the waiters. Giving tips is not something you are required to do, but it is showing simple gratitude to people who work hard to ensure you have a good evening even when they are underpaid.

Learn the rules

Some games in a casino are more difficult than others and learning the rules of them before trying to play is good etiquette. This really means table games such as poker, blackjack or craps, but can also apply to roulette.

Attempting to participate in these games when you are unsure of the rules can get you into trouble – say, if you touch cards at points when you are not supposed to – but will also require dealers and croupiers to explain them to you. That will mar the experience for the other players and earn you a bad reputation.

Playing without knowing the rules of the games can also lead you to lose a lot of money.

Things not to do

Drink to excess

Most people like to have a few drinks as part of a night out at a casino and that is fine, but drinking to excess is considered bad etiquette. Drinking too much will lower your inhibitions and for many people that means they become louder and sloppier in their behavior; including putting their drinks on the gaming tables – which casinos strictly prohibit.

That will be annoying for other gamblers who are trying to concentrate on the game and can lead to staff asking you to leave. Again, it is also bad for you, because people bet recklessly when they are under the influence of alcohol.


Keep your mobile switched on


It is widely frowned upon to enter a casino with your mobile phone still switched on, particularly if you use it while at the tables. Some casinos have firm rules banning the use of them when playing, with taking photos or videos being the worst offence of all.

Think of going to the casino as like attending the theater and turn your phone off before entering.

Bring your kids with you

A casino is not a suitable place for a family evening and bringing children is a rule breach. A standard casino will not have play areas for children, which will leave them bored and likely to be disruptive to other gamblers.

The exception to this is the casinos in places like Las Vegas, because they are total entertainment complexes. Other real-world casinos are all about the gambling though, so leave the children at home.

If you remember to follow these rules you should have a great time when you visit a casino.

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