What is The Highest Casino Jackpot Ever?

What is the Highest Casino Jackpot Ever?

What is the Highest Casino Jackpot Ever?

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Highest Casino Jackpot EverPhiladelphia, PA - There is no doubt that slot machines dominate the casino industry, and there is a good reason for that. Besides being simple to play, slot machines also come with substantial life-changing jackpots where people can make millions of dollars.

The idea of landing a massive win on a $0.25 spin sounds very appealing to players, and even though the circumstances of hitting the jackpot are small, people still hope they will be the lucky winners. Over the years, we’ve witnessed some impressive jackpots in the casino industry. Recently, a man won $2.01bn in a PowerBall lottery jackpot, considered the biggest jackpot ever.  What about casino jackpots? Which are the record-breaker winners?

So, sit tight as you’ll see some jaw-dropping jackpots won by lucky people, which might inspire you to search for a website with jackpot games to play right after you finish reading this article.

Biggest Jackpot Wins in Land-Based and Online Casinos

Biggest Land-Based Casino Jackpots

In order to have a better understanding of the gambling industry, we divided the jackpot wins into land-based casinos and online casino jackpots. 

Let’s see what are the biggest wins at brick-and-mortar casinos.

Excalibur Casino – $39.7 Million

The biggest jackpot won in a land-based casino was recorded on a slot machine at the Excalibur Casino, and it happened two decades ago. This is where a software engineer decided to try his luck on a Megabuck slot machine, and just after a few spins, he managed to hit the jackpot winning $39.7 million.

This must have been his lucky day since back then, the odds for hitting the jackpot were actually thinner than today. The odds of winning the jackpot in 2003 were one in 16.7 million.

The 25-year-old software engineer made a deal with the casino to split his winnings over the next 25 years.

Desert Inn Casino - $34.9 Million

A few years before the record Excalibur Casino win, a woman named Cynthia Jay Brennan managed to hit, at that time, a record jackpot win of $34.9 million at the Desert in Casino.

She wagered only $21 into the slot machine and reached a record-high jackpot win.

Before she won the jackpot, Cynthia was a cocktail waitress at the Monte Carlo casino, and after the win that night, she returned to work to finish her shift. 

Unfortunately, most people remember Cynthia from the incident that happened shortly after her big win, when she was driving with her sister, and a drunk driver crashed into their car. She was paralyzed, and her sister didn’t survive the accident. 

Since then, she has managed to donate most of her winnings to charities and helped other people with disabilities.

Biggest Online Casino Wins

Online casinos are now on rapid growth and getting so much attention from players. This is why we decided to cover some of the best online slot games that managed to release huge jackpots.

Mega Fortune - $24 Million

The biggest online slot win at the moment was released by Mega Fortune to a lucky Finnish player that managed to win a $24 million jackpot on a $0.25 bet.

Since the online industry allows you to stay anonymous, we don’t have much information about the lucky player apart from that he was 40 years old, and he typically played online poker, not slots.

Might of Ra - $22.5 Million

Since progressive slots tend to have the highest jackpot, the $22.5 million prize shouldn’t be that surprising for Might of Ra.

This huge jackpot was won by a popular streamer that goes by the name of Trainwreck and streams gambling videos.

He even managed to win this life-changing prize on live stream, and the most impressive thing about his win is that he didn’t even hit the jackpot.

Trainwreck managed to build his winnings to $22.5 million by getting max wilds across all six reels, which was a payout of 22,500x on his $1,000 wager.

He came close to beating the highest-ever win in an online slot game, but he can be proud as he is already in the record books for getting the largest non-jackpot in an online slot game.

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