5 Reasons the CS:GO Skin Market Will Grow in 2022

5 Reasons the CS:GO Skin Market Will Grow in 2022

5 Reasons the CS:GO Skin Market Will Grow in 2022

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CS:GO Skin Market Philadelphia, PA - CS:GO has a very interesting economy. It allows players to trade in-game items with each other and sell them for real money. The market has been growing very fast over the past few years. It’s not just about volumes — prices for many items are also growing, and investing in such goods has long become a popular investment tool. Here are five reasons that people invest in CS:GO items and why this market will continue to grow in 2022.

Top Five Reasons for Quick Market Growth 

Nowadays, you don’t have to work hard or do anything to make money. Investing in the right instruments is usually enough. You can buy Bitcoin, invest in a trending company’s shares, or you can buy skins in the csgo market! Here’s why you should:

1. The COVID Effect

In 2020, CS:GO reached peak popularity. The maximum number of simultaneously playing users reached a million people, and this number remains even today. There are two reasons for this: the growing popularity of the game in China and, of course, Coronavirus restrictions. This led to a further acceleration of price growth — for example, you could sell a certain loot box for 30 times more than before. And still, this trend continues to develop.

2. Optimism

Team stickers are also growing in price impressively. Several times a year, CS:GO hosts the Major Championships, where players are allowed to purchase capsules with team stickers. At the very end of the tournament, they can be bought at a 75% discount. Part of the money from the sales goes to the teams themselves, and when the tournament finishes, the opportunity to buy stickers also ends. It turns out that from that moment, the stickers disappear from free access. Since there are fewer stickers, they become more expensive in the secondary market. This, of course, encourages players to buy stickers for the purpose of reselling, which makes them grow even more.

3. Mindset Change

In the past, we often heard that skins are just pixels in the game. In those days, few people realized how profitable this investment was. Nowadays, the attitude towards skins has changed a lot: they are now perceived as profitable investment tools, and not just pixels.

4. Greediness

The idea of buying skins in CS:GO has become mainstream. All CS:GO players have old cases in their inventory. Many have seen with their own eyes how the case prices on DMarket have skyrocketed from a few cents to $20–$30, which then stimulated the market. Why are cases getting more expensive? Can I make money on them? The answer is always “Yes”.

5. Professional Approach 

Some players have mastered making money from CS:GO skins. From a simple hobby, it’s become the main income source. Thus, a new category of skin traders has appeared, bringing a new stimulus to the whole CS:GO infrastructure.

We believe that these five factors will continue to affect market development. Share your own ideas on this topic with us. 

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