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Wing Bowl - Brainchild of Al Morganti and Angelo Cataldi from WIP radio, Wing Bowl started in 1993 and is now a massive event held annually the Friday before the Super Bowl. This is an eating competition unlike any other. Thousands of fans flock at 6:00 AM to watch this event live. Not for kids though and the crowd is known for its high level of intoxication and lewdness.

To be a participant in Wing Bowl the contestant must perform an eating "stunt" to qualify. These are some serious eaters folks. The total chicken wings consumed from the average winner each year is around 175 wings. Big prizes are part of the gig too. Along with "obnoxious pageantry". If you have never gone to this event and have a bit of wild side, give it try just once. Held at the Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia

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