Supporting the Cause to Go Gray in May

Supporting the Cause to Go Gray in May

Supporting the Cause to Go Gray in May

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PhillyBite10Marlton, NJ - Gray matters in everyone’s lives. The reason why is it the active part of your brain, and the color chosen to represent Brain Tumor Awareness Month signed into legislation for the state of New Jersey since 2009.

Recently, Going Gray in May was officially recognized by two local towns in New Jersey; both Haddonfield and Marlton in New Jersey signed proclamations during a municipal meeting, declaring that their towns will recognize and advocate on behalf of the cause.

Kristen Gillette, the founder of the Kortney Rose Foundation, was present at Evesham Township Municipal Meeting on Tuesday May 8th at a ceremony to sign several proclamations into effect, including the declaration to recognize Brain Tumor Awareness Month.

Evesham Township’s Mayor, Randy Brown, described how the disease touched his own life due to his father passing away from a Giloma within 18 months of being diagnosed. After explaining his own history, Mayor Randy Brown introduced Kristen Gillette to the room.

Kristen Gillette explained the history behind the Kortney Rose Foundation, and that the foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising funds to support research and education related to the treatment and cure of pediatric brain tumors. She also explained that the funds raised go directly to Children’s Brain Tumor Tissue Consortium at Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia, along with the exciting news that they are working with CAVATICA—where the data analysis of research can be shared on a digital platform.
“The Kortney Rose Foundation is grateful to Amaris Pollock for reaching out to Mayor Brown and for him answering the request to declare May Brain Tumor Awareness Month. These efforts help us reach more people to illustrate the importance of and need for more research funding for brain tumors,” Kristen Gillette stated.

And as members of Evesham Township’s community bore witness, “I, Randy Brown, Mayor of the Township of Evesham, NJ, do hereby proclaim the month of May as “Go Grey in May” throughout the Township of Evesham, and urge citizens to recognize and participate in events held in their community to show support for this cause,” stated Mayor Randy Brown.


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