5 Money Saving Tips For Buying Organic Food

There is great debate at the moment on whether it is worthwhile purchasing organic food as it is usually much more expensive than conventional food. The advantages of organic food are well documented, however in my eyes it really comes down to one issue, do you and your children really want to eat pesticides with your food? Assuming your answer is no and you want to go down the organic food route, then how do you go about keeping the cost down?

Center City Pretzel - Cross pretzels coming for Pope visit to Philly

Center City Pretzel - Cross pretzels coming for Pope visit to Philly, They will be making special Cross Shaped Pretzels for the popes visit in September. Center City Pretzel Co. offers the only all-natural soft pretzel in the tri-state area. Family owned and operated for 31 years. And, we are certified kosher!

About Center City Pretzel Co.

Center City Pretzel Co. is family owned and operated since 1981. We are located in the heart of the Italian Market in South Philadelphia and proudly service our customers with the best quality soft pretzel in the Delaware Valley. We are active in our community and support many local charities,organizations and schools.

Make no mistake, Center City Pretzel Co. is one of Philadelphia's original soft pretzel companies and has been for over 34 years.

We use absolutely NO TRANS FATS, PRESERVATIVES or ADDITIVES. We are also a peanut/tree nut and dairy free facility.

Center City Pretzel Co. makes the best and healthiest pretzel around. Call today and pick up your hot delicious soft pretzel or, better yet, let us deliver it for you!

We are located at our ONE & ONLY location at 816 Washington Ave.

We do one thing and we do it well and now we do it KOSHER!

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Philly - Why We Love Cheesecake - Phillybite

What can be more soothing to the soul, tummy-filling and sociable than having a piece of cheesecake in Philly from Termini Bros Bakery? These are just some of the reasons why I love cheesecake. Just thinking about cheesecake sets my mouth to watering for a big piece of the light, airy confection made with a graham cracker crust and smooth creamy vanilla filling, with a favorite topping of cherries or strawberries or blueberries or streusel - - - or you can choose for yourself if you like. Then you will know why I love cheesecake.

The first documented cheesecake was at an Olympic game in the seventh century in Greece. It then spread to other European countries and eventually made its way to North America when immigrants crossed the ocean to seek their fame and fortune. Little did they know that the recipe they brought with them would eventually launch a huge following of people who love cheesecake and would balloon into a multimillion-dollar industry across the world.

The decadent taste and texture of cheesecake belies the fact that it is fairly simple to make. Cheesecake lovers know that they can have this delightful delicacy anytime they want by stirring up a few basic ingredients including cream cheese, sugar and eggs, and then pouring it into a pie shell which can be made of graham cracker crumbs or other conventional pie crusts and baked.

So what's not to love about cheesecake? It can be eaten anytime of the day or night, it's easy to make and even easier to buy, it tastes divine, and on top of all this, it creates a feeling of well being that only comes from being good to yourself. So go ahead, eat and be jolly! Then you'll know why I love cheesecakes!

Send a Cheesecake to someone special today.

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