Whats The Official State Bird of Pennsylvania

Whats The Official State Bird of Pennsylvania

Photo: Ruffed Grouse

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Philadelphia, PAState Bird of Pennsylvania -The Ruffed Grouse, sometimes called partridge, is the official state bird of Pennsylvania.  This game bird is a native of North America. Its plumage makes it sound like an engine starting and eats various foods. Ruffed grouse are found in areas where there are many forests and mountains.

The Ruffed Grouse is The Official State Bird of PA

While primarily a game bird in Pennsylvania, ruffed grouse are also a favorite for bird watchers. Their courtship display attracts many bird watchers, with male grouse fluffing up their ruffs and dragging their wingtips across the ground.

In addition to being the state bird, Pennsylvania also has a state flower (Mountain-laurel) and a state animal (White-tailed deer). Both the state flower and the state animal reflect the natural beauty of the Keystone State. They were named so on June 22, 1931, and are included in the state's statutes.

The state bird is the ruffed grouse, threatened by climate change. According to the National Audubon Society, this bird is one of the dozens of species whose ranges will be impacted by global warming. As temperatures rise, the species will be forced to migrate to cooler regions to survive.

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