What is Philadelphia Water Ice?

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What is Water Ice? This semi-frozen treat is flavored with artificial or natural food flavorings. There are two common types: Italian and plain. The latter is a popular choice for summer. Both have the same ingredients, but they are very different. In Italy, the ice is made with fruit or artificial food flavorings. The latter has a sweeter flavor, but it is still very refreshing.

What is Water Ice?

A popular choice for families in the Philadelphia area, water ice is an excellent way to cool off during the summer months. Traditional water ice consists of three simple ingredients: sugar, fruit, and water. It is made in a metal cylindrical machine using a mixer that scrapes the edges as the mixture freezes. After it's frozen, the water-ice is transferred into tubs. It is best served cold, so it doesn't spoil. It's a refreshing treat that's easy on the budget.

Famous for its smooth texture, water ice is made with sugar, fruit, and fruit flavoring. It is firmer than a sorbet but soft like a granita. It's made with a unique process that makes it very creamy. Initially, water ice was only made in an Italian family's home, but it spread to Philadelphia in the early 1920s. In 1932, the first water ice truck was introduced to the market.

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