What Is Detroit-Style Pizza

What Is Detroit-Style Pizza

What Is Detroit-Style Pizza

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Detroit Style PizzaPhiladelphia, PA - What is Detroit-style pizza? This rectangular style of pizza is traditionally topped with tomato sauce and Wisconsin brick cheese, which extends to the edges. This pizza is rectangular because of its thick crust, and the toppings usually consist of meat, vegetables, and cheese. This classic pie is also topped with mozzarella or Swiss cheese. You can find this type of pizza in most Italian restaurants and some specialty pizzerias.

So, What is Detroit-Style Pizza

A Detroit-style pizza has a thick, crispy crust with a thin layer of cheese and is typically topped with tomato sauce. This style of pizza originated in the mid-20th century in Detroit, and it began spreading to other cities in the United States around the same time. It's made in a deep rectangular pan with a thick cheese and tomato sauce layer. This style of pizza is also unique in that it is made using a rectangular steel tray. Initially, these trays were designed to hold small industrial parts in factories.

Deep Dish Vs Detroit Pizza

Another standard style of pizza is deep-dish. While the style is most prevalent in Chicago, it does have its unique characteristics. This style of pizza has a thick crust and lots of cheese. The sauce is spread all over the top, and it's fired at a temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit. This method of cooking pizzas creates a crisp crust and melty cheese.

Why We Love Detroit Syle

A Detroit-style pizza is a deep-dish square with a crispy crust edge. The toppings are usually layered in layers, and the sauce is on the bottom. When cooked properly, the cheese baked into the crust creates a lovely, bubbly crust. The crust is deep and square, which helps prevent a soggy crust. Unlike other pizzas, the Detroit-style is made in a deep-dish pan.

However, the Detroit-style pizza is not a deep-dish style, and it's a type of pizza with a puffy square-shaped crust, a thin crust, and a crispy cheese edge. It's also denser than other types of pizza, so it's essential to be aware of the differences. This style is also popular in Chicago, and it is a popular choice among tourists.

A Detroit-style pizza is unique in its texture and appearance. Its light, airy dough and crackling near-black edges are characteristics of a Detroit-style pizza. Its thick, browned cheese is also unique to this style of pizza. The Detroit-style square is the most common style of Michigan pizza. Unlike other types, it's more expensive than its counterparts. However, it's a true Michigan original.

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