What is Escargot?

What is Escargot?

What is Escargot?

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EscargoWhen someone asks you what Escargot is, your first reaction should be 'everything.' This dish is a classic French hors d'oeuvre popular in France, India, and the Caribbean. The word Escargot means snail in French, and this delicious dish is a great appetizer. It's an ode to snails, and its name is a nod to its history.

How is Escargot Served

Escargot is a great food to try if you like seafood, and they're delicious. Snails aren't typically sold at grocery stores, but there are some online sources for snails. Walmart and Amazon to sell shelled Escargot separately. For the freshest Escargot, you'll need to go to a seafood market. If you can't find a local fish market, you can order them from Amazon or other online sources.

Before cooking, you'll want to make sure your Escargot is alive. You must fill the shells with water to keep them from drying out. Before cooking, make sure you clean the snails thoroughly. Once they've been placed in water, they'll start to emerge from the shells. To prepare the Escargot for cooking, mix coarse salt into the container. This will remove excess mucus and refine the taste.

The flavor of Escargot varies by species, but it's easy to spot them when they're fresh. It's also a good idea to purchase a jar of the right type, which you can keep in your refrigerator for future meals. You can even buy a snail that's already cleaned, as long as it's already been washed. You can also find a variety of other jars for Escargot, and you can purchase them online or at a grocery store.

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