Historic Ways To Enjoy a Cheesesteak In and Around Philly

Historic Ways To Enjoy a Cheesesteak In and Around Philly

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Philadelphia, PACheesestakes and Philly History - It doesn't matter if you're Visiting Philadelphia on vacation or just a quick day trip to the region; in between visiting the sites, you have to ask yourself, Where Do I Get a Cheesesteak. Below is a list is the idea's to get you out of the house and enjoy a great cheesesteak and history at the same time.

Visiting Historic Philly and Cheesesteaks

Old City Cheesesteaks

Olde City. Specifically The original Post Office and walking across the Ben Franklin bridge. If you grew up in this area, you most likely took an elementary field school trip to Betsey Ross’ House, The Liberty Bell, and Constitution Hall. I don’t know if I forgot to go to the original Post Office, but it is right there at 316 Market St. It has the original floors. You can walk on floors that Ben Franklin walked on. The other cool adult thing we did was walk across the Ben Franklin Bridge (well, we got half away and turned around because I am afraid of heights). You’ll have many cheesesteak options in Olde City. I highly recommend Oh Brother! For us adults, they are BYOB.


The Original Mason Dixon Cheesesteaks

Original Mason Dixon line tri-state marker. We all know about the Mason Dixon line. There are many original Mason Dixon line markers still marking the line today. The original tri-state marker, where Maryland-Pennsylvania-Delaware connects, is still in the ground. It is on private property, and within the last several years, the landowner has granted access to their property via White Clay Park. You can enter White Clay Park in either Pennsylvania or Delaware. We entered through Delaware. Make sure you buy a parking pass. We didn’t and found a written warning under our windshield wiper. After walking around white Clay Park, I recommend a cheesesteak from 896 pie.

Valley Forge National Park Cheesesteaks

Valley Forge National Park. Just a great park. We all know about George Washington’s winter at Valley Forge. Take your bike, rollerblades, or frisbee and spend some time in a national landmark. The visitor center has probably gotten a lot better than the last time you were there. To complete your George Washington day, go to the Trappe Tavern. The building has been a tavern since it was built in the late 1700s. You can be like George Washington and have a great meal (your’s will be a cheesesteak, he probably ate squirrel or rabbit) in the building now known as the Trappe Tavern.

 The Navy Yard and Cheesesteaks

The Navy Yard.   I will gladly travel the world as an uncompensated endorser of Urban Outfitters Responsible and Respectful Corporate Citizenship. I love walking around the Navy Yard. You have the John F Kennedy aircraft carrier, the most decorated warship in the world, docked within feet of a building that looks like it is still 1930 until you walk inside and see that it has been completely hipsterism. They have done a magnificent job of marrying the old, new, and hip. I don’t have the vocabulary or writing skills to do the Navy Yard justice, but I will try a short story. Bldg 541 is the food court complete with sitting areas, bathroom, gym, and koi pond. I was walking up to the building, which from the outside is still 1930. I could see a photoshoot going on in one of the windows—a rack of clothes, models, lights, and photographers. The building still has the big old wood doors. Sidebar - it took 3 trips before I realized the big wood door was within a more oversized wood door. Inside, you learn the lighting, speakers, and plants hanging on the block and tackle hanging from the ceiling since 1930. Which, of course, draws your eyes up to the ceiling, at which point you realize how massive a building it is and how long it has been thereafter walking around the Navy Yard. Go up Broad st to Oregon Ave. Make a right and head down to Tony Luke’s.

Cheesesteak Rainy Day Options

I know we are out of order, but this is my rainy day suggestion. Drive around the City. My 3 favorite things to drive by and see in the City are; 1. The mural at Broad St and Lombard. I have stopped and looked at this mural several times and still find new things to love about it. 2. Keith Haring mural at 22nd and Ellsworth sts. I first learned about Keith Haring while watching the TV show Pawn Stars. I then learned we have a Keith Haring mural in Philadelphia. 3. Driving south on Broad St. past Cherry St never gets old. I love looking down Cherry St and seeing the crashed plane and the big drop paint on the sidewalk. After enjoying the sites of Philadelphia, get a great cheesesteak at Cleavers Cheesesteaks on 18th near Chestnut.

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