Where to Find The Best Gettysburg and Adams County Pizza

Where to Find The Best Gettysburg and Adams County Pizza

Photo: Artisans & Oak

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Pennsylvania News Gettysburg and Adams County Pizza's - Adams County and the Gettysburg area have very diverse pizza styles, you can find just about any style of pizza here and a few unique specialty pies as well. From Antica Napoli Pizza's Grandma Pie to Artisans & Oak's Neapolitan-style pizza with a crispy exterior and chewy inside and let's not forget Tommy's Pizza's Greek Pizza. Listed below is our Staff-Picks of our favorite Gettysburg and Adams County Pizza's


The Best Gettysburg and Adams County Pizza

Antica Napoli Pizza

The Grandma's Pie is hands down one of Gettysburg's best pizzas. With a fantastic flavor and crust/sauce combination, topped off with an excellent mozzarella blend. They also serve up a NY-style pizza, with a nice thin crust with just the right amount of crunch and slight chewiness, once again a fantastic sauce and good cheese on top. 39 N Washington St, Gettysburg, PA

Artisans & Oak

These folks do pizza really well. If you like Neapolitan-style pizza with a crispy exterior and chewy inside topped off with a fresh, flavorful sauce, you must check this place out. They serve up a few pies such as a classic, a specialty, and a white pizza,-- each pie style has its own unique flavor. The dough comes out with that Black bubbly edges and slight crisp on the bottom if you like that kind of thing. 1649 Broadway, Hanover, PA

Tommy's Pizza

Longtime family-run pizzeria serving up a Greek-style pizza that is absolutely delicious, and this place is always crowded. The crust was a little thinner than most hand-tossed pies, and the flavors were incredible. The sauce, cheese, and toppings all work well together, and the best way to eat this one is with a fork and knife. 105 Steinwehr Ave, Gettysburg, PA

Food 101

A cozy eatery with excellent service that seats around 28 people and the staff always makes you feel appreciated. They offer an excellent margarita pizza with a perfect crust; if you are in Gettysburg, this place is a must-try. The Margherita Pizza is made with fresh mozzarella, house tomato sauce, parmigiana, roasted garlic oil, basil. 101 Chambersburg St, Gettysburg, PA

La Bella Italia Restaurant

La Bella is a hidden gem, a nice casual Italian restaurant offering one of the area's best pizzas. These guys are serving up one of Adams Counties' best New York-style pies, which puts many of the region's pizza shops to shame. IF you're in the area, stop in for one of the best lunch specials around, two pieces of cheese pizza, and drink for just $5. 445 N Queen St, Littlestown, PA

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Written By: Philly Bite Magazines Staff

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Best Pizza Shops and Restaurants in Adams County and Gettysburg



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